Family adding insulation to home makes horrifying discovery

AUBURN, Pa — A family in Pennsylvania made a disturbing discovering when they went to add insulation to a room in their home.

WNEP reports “dozens of dead animal carcasses, half-used spices, and other items” were found behind layers of drywall” in the Bretzuis home in Auburn, Pa.

“We were shocked, horrified and disgusted,” Kajia Bretzuis told WNEP.

The dead animals were all wrapped in old newspapers from the 1930s and 40s.

Bretzuis said the home inspector did not find anything with the initial inspection in 2011.

“We got the radon inspection. We looked for everything. We didn’t know to look for chickens,” she said.

The damage is not covered by insurance and the family has had to fix the issues themselves. It has cost them around $20,000.

Seeking answers, the family sent hundreds of the artifacts and carcasses to an expert.

Bretzius says the reason for it was “what they call pow-wowing or dutch magic. They used this to heal ailments.”

The mold caused almost everyone in the family to get sick and the smell won’t go away.

The family isn’t even sure if all of the dead animals are out of the house.  They will need to tear out some more walls to check for addition items.

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  • me

    another animal could have dragged the items into the wall. I once had a customer who had squirels come down the chimney and die inside a farm house when out of town. they ate all the spices in the kitchen. poisoned by the spices and dehydration died. had to fumigate house. sounds like maybe a rat, racoon or something in that. even a cat. amazing where animals can go. i tore the ceiling out of my house and at one time it was infested with mice years ago and owners didnt know. the signs were there. another time tore down house it was full of snakes. no body lived there for years and they moved in hunting field mice in the out buildings. funny but my parents have had cats in their house since it was built and never a sign of a mouse or critter. and best friend said he didnt have mice then kids brought a female vicous hunting cat home it killed all kinds of stuff inside like mice snakes ground moles the first couple of weeks. he was in shock from all the things it killed and most perfered to eat in front of him as like a trophy. but this female was very protective of his young kids.

    • vantvan

      If you re-read the article towards the beginning, it states that the carcasses were wrapped in newspapers from the 1930’s and 40’s…i doubt an animal can drag another into the walls, go back out, find some newspaper then wrap them up

  • chicago2112

    I noticed in the story that they paid for a home inspection. A licensed home inspector is not going to go into a house and start busting open walls. Can you imagine putting your home on the market and a buyer hires a home inspector to come in and knock down walls to check the insulation, who is going to pay to have the walls repaired? When they first looked at the house did they notice a smell coming from the walls, if so they should have hired a mold inspector. If you are going to blame a home inspector for missing something like this, you really don’t know what the job of a home inspector is. First look at the inspector’s contract. In the contract it states that the inspection is a visual inspection and a mechanical inspection. Next read the report with your inspector so they can explain what they had found wrong with the house. If you are basing what a home inspection is from watching that guy on the DIY channel you got it all wrong. No inspector will walk into someone’s home and start poking holes in the walls, they will be out of business really fast. And just like anything else in life, you get what you pay for. If you are going to send hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home, pay for the best inspection you can get. The cost of the inspection will pay for itself.


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