Wrigley Field renovation brings rats to the neighborhood

CHICAGO — All the renovations at Wrigley Field are creating headaches for people in the neighborhood.

Wrigleyville been overrun by legions of rats, even in daylight, since the construction started.

Also, all the construction equipment has to go somewhere therefore parking is even harder to come by in the dense North Side area.

Neighbors say they’ve learned to deal with the noise but they can’t wait for it to be over.

One resident says the rats overran the neighborhood when crews started renovating the green lot near the intersection of Racine Avenue and Grace Street.

“The rats have been running rampant. I’m not kidding you,” Terie Kata said. “There are people in the alley and there are still rats running around and it’s daylight.”

Kata says that she went through 12 packs of rat poison in two days. She says her neighbor hired an exterminator, but that has not helped.

“We’ve never experienced anything like what we’ve seen the last 12 months,” Thomas Findlay said. “We’ve had rats almost on a daily basis walking all around the neighborhood. In the streets, on the sidewalks, on people’s porches.”

Cubs spokesman Julian Green says they have not heard any complaints about rats in months. Green recommends that residents call their alderman.

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