Passengers injured in a Megabus crash join lawsuit

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

More passengers are joining a lawsuit against Megabus after the bus they were riding in flipped over earlier this month, injuring dozen of people on board.

Eight passengers are suing, saying the windshield wipers on the bus weren't working properly the night of the crash. They say they believe the crash would have been prevented if Megabus took the bus out of commission.

"Very much scared, I thought to myself, I will not survive," passenger Dhileep Sathiakumar told WGN.

He was one of 56 people riding the bus on October 14th when it flipped over on I-65, just outside of Indianapolis, after crashing into a car in the median.

The bus started the journey to Chicago from Atlanta, but passengers say a new driver took over in Nashville. They say they drove for about 10 minutes before heading back to Nashville to get the wipers fixed.

Megabus notified passengers of a problem via email and told passengers it was dispatching roadside service. Passengers say they assumed the problem was fixed, but say they still heard loud noises coming from the wipers. The lawsuit claims Megabus should have taken the bus out of service.

In a statement, the company says, " believes it is premature for anyone to comment on the cause of the accident while the investigation is ongoing. However, has no reason to believe that faulty wipers caused or contributed to the happening of this accident."

Injured passengers say they want the company to cover medical costs, but more importantly, they want Megabus to be safer.
They have obtained an emergency preservation order saying the bus, all driver logs, and video data must be preserved for further investigation.

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