Nearly 50 arrested in area minimum wage demonstrations

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

About 50 people were arrested in and around Chicago today in rallies to raise the state’s $8.25 minimum wage.

Many of the demonstrators are fast food workers demanding a raise to $15 dollars.

The arrests were part of a planned civil disobedience to bring even more attention to the Fight for $15 movement.

Demonstrators walked onto a street sat down to block traffic and refused to move, stopping traffic in some busy streets.

31 people were arrested in Cicero and taken to the town’s police station to be charged with reckless disruption.

Earlier, 19 demonstrators where detained by Chicago police after they  blocked traffic in front of a McDonalds in the Chatham neighborhood.

The two demonstrations in chicagoland are part of the nationwide fight for a wage of $15 dollars an hour.

The movement is made up of mostly fast food workers with the help of union organizers and also has the support of several elected officials.

Locally based McDonalds released a statement saying it supports a fair wage for its workers and any increase in the minimum wage should be done over time to lessen the burden on small and medium sized businesses owners like the ones who own a majority of our restaurants.

CPD says the 19 people it detained were taken to a district police station given a ticket then released. Those arrested in Cicero were processed through the jail, then given a ticket and released.

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  • Gimme

    This helps us realize how how far society has declined. Union organizers and elected officials (who are sworn to uphold the laws of the land) had these people sit in the middle of a street to protest for higher wages, and then get arrested for doing so. What great leadership Chicago has to offer!!!

  • bud h

    We should legalize all of President Obama’s (Dear Leader’s) (illegal immigrants) undocumented potential employees and allow them to replace the service union sham striker in their union jobs. Pay those undocumented laborers under the table as we do now, so that a 6.50 per hour, no taxes deducted. Food cost would go down, employees would want to work hard and move up. The strikers demanding $15 dollars an hour to complain, call in sick, and steal, can sit at home and collect dear leaders welfare, food-stamps, public housing, Woman infant and children funds, and money in their begging cups… Net benefit the striking union workers make more than $15 dollars per hour, and we get honest hardworking illegal immigrants working in their place.

    Problem solved. Maybe be can import poor and impoverished peoples from around the globe to fill all of our jobs, and we can all draw and paint in peace while they work for us. LOL sure liberals will think this is viable and fair.