Elgin cop on leave after Facebook comment on Ferguson case

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An Elgin police officer is on administrative leave for what he said about the Ferguson case on Facebook.

Last month, officer Jason Lentz posted a video link that Ferguson police said showed Michael Brown stealing from a store, before an officer shot and killed him.

Lentz commented that the officer did society a favor.

Officials say that, and other racial posts, violate the department’s social media guidelines.

They also say Lentz did not remove the post when he was ordered to.

“This is evidence of our officer’s intolerance for behavior inconsistent with departmental values,” said Elgin Police Deputy Chief Bill Wolf in a statement.


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    • Southsider

      He can’t hide behind the 1st Amendment. To every action there’s consequences. He holds a position where he can violate everyone’s rights. So BIFF….so much for ” On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character, or the public trust.” or ” I will execute the duties of the office of …without prejudice, partiality, or favor. I’m free to say bomb on an airplane but if I’m stupid enough to do so then I deserve to spend the next 18 hours being questioned by the feds.

  • Nicki

    This is exactly the reason why we have situations like Ferguson. ..because you have idoits like him, that feel like they can play God, with other people’s lives. ..These police departments need to revamp the psychological exams they have in place…many of the people who they have hired, is not cut out to be a police officer.

  • cc

    Sorr jesus freak, but I agree with this officer. You must be blind to see that this kid was a trouble maker and animal! Maybe if he had followed the law and not robbed people, etc., this wouldn’t have happened. Cops are just doing their jobs getting criminals off the streets, he shouldn’t have attacked that officer.

      • William

        Do really think that the whites are the only ones, who discriminate . Your are so wrong and confused my friend. Look at the evidence and the video from the store. This guy was a punk and a criminal period!!!! I’m glad he is dead!

    • lorraine

      When you consider ku Klux klan, nazis, skinheads, aryans, all the countless slave owners, priests who rape kids, all these folk are white so Hector does have a point and oh let’s not forget all the racists hate spewing bloggers-go ahead and keep spewing your hate and see where you’ll end up bloggers

  • Jim

    “This is evidence of our officer’s intolerance for behavior inconsistent with departmental values,” said Elgin Police Deputy Chief Bill Wolf in a statement.

    What, what?

  • natalie

    Guess we should just let the looting thugs take over the world and then pull the race card like always so they can be exempt from their wrong doings.

  • becca

    Everyone needs to just stop already. Playing the race card is only sowing more hatred. Black on black crime is running rampant in the streets of Chicago, and I’m sure alot of other places. We had a white Gary, Indiana policeofficer gunned down by an African American, but no one looted,no one marched,our president didn’t take the time to talk about it on tv, nor did the likes of Jesse Jackson,Al Sharpton, or Eric Holder show up to honor him. He was a father, a soon to be husband, and well loved in the community. He was doing his job trying to keep people safe. Really people; what is really going on here

  • William

    Brown was a no good punk. Why can’t people look at the evidence. He got what he deserve. His mother should stop calling that punk an angel. He went looking for trouble and he got what he deserve. Did anyone see the video of this punk pushing the store owner. People are taking advantage of the situation to steal. Low lives. Why can’t people put them selves in the police situation. steal.lives.lives.

  • William

    The persons that are looting in Ferguson are not interested in right and discrimination. They just needed a new tv. I’m a minority. Every minority has gone through discrimination. I understand slavery, but it’s time to get over it! Someone posted that a white cop was killed by a black man and Utah. No one made a issue. This kid was not reared correctly. He got what he deserved.