BUSTED! Woman posts video of careless mailman to Facebook and gets results

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A woman in suburban Kansans City, Mo., was so sick and tired of dealing with her mailman’s mishaps that she decided to record him in the act.

According to KDAF, Susan Howard Perry has had issues with her mailman’s carelessness for several years. From destroyed letters to packages getting left on the street, she decided enough was enough.

So, when she knew she had an expensive book coming in the mail, she decided to take a video of the drop off.

“I thought – I’m gonna see what he does with this book – and sure enough, that’s how the video happened,” Perry told KDAF.

Narrating from her window, Perry captured her mailman throwing that expensive book onto the ground. And she felt relief that she finally had proof.

She posted the video to Facebook, and after years of complaints that went unanswered, she told KDAF she received an outpouring of support . And to her surprise, she even got a visit from the new manager of her post office.

“He showed up at my front door, and literally his boss had seen the video on Facebook, and he said, ‘I apologize,’” she said.

She now feels one step closer to getting what she wants: Her mail.

“That’s all I want! she said. “I want my mail!”

Stacy St. John from the U.S. Postal Service released a statement regarding the incident that reads:

“The Postal Service condemns, in the strongest possible sense, the actions of any employee who mishandles mail or packages. An investigation into the incident is underway and if this video is accurate, then the behavior on the part of the employee shown in the video is not only unacceptable to the Postal Service, it threatens to tarnish the reputation and high level of trust that the vast majority of our employees work so hard to uphold. We have reached out to the customer to apologize and want to assure the public that we take such incidents seriously and are taking all appropriate steps to address it and ensure it does not happen again.”

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      • David Gillespie

        To the person who said the carrier had to deal with this “a$$hole lady”: Wanting your mail treated properly, which could be fragile/breakable is being an a$$hole? When I pay for a service I expect what I pay for. On that basis, if I go to have my car detailed and they vacuum it but don’t wash the obvious dirt off the outside, I should just pay them and not complain? There are millions that are unemployed in this country that would kill for his job. That douche nozzle doesn’t have a clue. If he hates his job so much he should quit and go look for a different one…..oh….wait….there isn’t a lot of work out there, so he’s at least smart enough to figure THAT out. The lady wouldn’t have videotaped him if it wasn’t a reoccurring problem, yet SHE is the a$$hole? Your priorities are messed up. Get a clue.

  • Pat Frederickson

    No doubt, the carrier in this case is still employed by USPS; maybe not as her carrier, but making just as much, if not more money than he was before he got caught failing at his job. Postal employees have to “go postal” in order to be fired from USPS. USPS is one of the biggest jokes in the U.S.

  • Mark S

    an expensive book?? really? that’s the best example she could come up with? You can tell by the way that Amazon or whomever shipped it in a flat cardboard wrap (not even a box) that it wasn’t designed to be handled with much care…

    What was he supposed to do? Gently lay it on the ground? It’s a book. Get over it.

    • Jack Gasparac

      Mark Its called the _Postal service !!! The employees are paid decent wages and should be happy to have a good job. They are supposed to protect the mail with themselves at all times !!!! Would you like your mail just thrown on the ground??? Go Figure!!

      • Bert

        Lots of ignorant posts like yours here. Only a few postal workers get “decent wages”; the rural carriers and city carrier assistants (which all newer employees who deliver mail are classified as) barely make more than minimum wage. Hardly worth it especially having to deal with @sshole customers like the woman complaining in the article.

    • Pearl

      Mark, POSTAL REGULATIONS state that the carrier is supposed to leave it on the front stoop after ringing the doorbell. Not on the public parkway where just anybody can come by and take it! Are you really that uneducated as to postal delivery? Apparently that carrier was too lazy to earn his paycheck. They should come to North Aurora some time. Ours leaves packages on top of our mail box. Not secure and definitely not the way packages are supposed to be delivered. No wonder UPS and FedEx are surging ahead.

      • Chelsea

        Pearl — N. Aurora, IL? Have you gone in to the Post Office, asked for the Postmaster and filed a complaint? Your carrier should be getting in serious trouble for that — I live just a bit west of you and we know everyone in my town and it doesn’t matter, the packages go to the door and must be hidden from public view as much as possible.

  • Nina Talso

    The US Postal service is a joke……they wonder why less people use them but their poor service is a pitiful excuse of what delivery is supposed to be. I have had many run ins with the post office because my mail carrier is too lazy to delivery my mail….worst part is, there is no service number to call and complain. I urge everyone to contact the postmaster general in Washington DC when they have trouble getting their mail. This won’t stop until WE the People let them know we are tired of things being done the way they are.

  • Momof3

    Ok, yes, first world problems. BUT..that carrier is probably making around $30 an hour with a nice little pension waiting for him. He can get off his butt and deliver the book onto the porch like he is suppose to.

  • B. Otto

    Had a mailman that bent a hard bound book to
    put it in the mailbox. It was written by a friend and autographed. Paid a visit to the post office. Ended up with 3 men in the office shaking their heads…nothing done.

  • Chelsea

    WoW. First off: carriers have to literally EARN their retirement. I believe you can’t officially “retire” from the USPS until you have done at least 20 years of service and are of a certain age (of which I can’t remember). Second, as a family member of a letter carrier: The Postmaster General is a joke, not the employees. Now, not everyone who works for the post office is the happiest or most careful but I go to a convention every year filled with 6000+ carriers from across the entire United States and have never meet one mean person there. This guy obviously should be fired, and probably was. When they say they take these things seriously: they do. It is a FEDERAL OFFENSE to tamper with someones mail, I have heard of people from all over the US being fired for less than this.

  • Tom Gallagher

    Want to assure it doesn’t happen again? Fire that mailman. He clearly doesn’t take his job seriously and gets paid well. Theres hard working individuals who would take the job seriously and he doesn’t care about other people’s possessions so how can we trust them? They want my trust, I want to hear that they got fired not suspended. That will make me trust the postal service. Most of them are really unreliable. I don’t even trust my mailman. I hardly ever got my packages unless I actually went to the post office. Even though someone was home they have consistently left a notice “Sorry we’ve missed you”. No, they were too lazy to do their job…

  • David Gillespie

    Thank God we have a good carrier. Packages ALWAYS on porch and rings the doorbell to see if we are available to take them personally. Probably because we aren’t a major metropolitan area.

  • Neena May

    After the regular mailman made what seemed to me to be an inappropriate request (let him take Netflix movie unsealed so he could watch it before returning it), I went in and spoke with the Route Supervisor and mentioned the Postman’s request as well as concerns about his behavior during deliveries (cutting through yards kicking sprinkler heads, tramping through ornate flower beds and breaking off HUGE parts of plants as well as breaking brick borders. The Supervisor said he would speak with “Indie”. The VERY next day I began to be subjected to escalating retaliatory behavior (refusal to hand me my mail, refusal to leave mail in garage mail slot off driveway if ANYTHING was blocking a 4 ft wide path to the mail slot ( garden hose laying accross driveway, both cars parked in driveway, refusal to take packages to porch because of “dangerous animals”- we have several cats that lounge on porch). After at least a week of no mail delivery, I returned to Branch office and found out the following: if I took photos or videos of him delivering mail as proof of my allegations, I could be charged with Stalking. If I stood at the end of my driveway with my hand extended for my mail I could have charges of harassment and impeding the delivery of US Mail. A Supervisor who is evaluating a Postal Delivery Person in the performance of the delivering of mail MUST GIVE THE CARRIER 24 hours notice of shadowing and they actually follow withing 10 feet behind the Carrier. They could not change the Carrier’s assigned route without the agreement of the Carrier (?????). This was imparted to me by the Lead Supervisor (actually stated position on name tag)! I was astounded and APPALLED at all the rights the Carriers had and how FEW options I had as a customer. In years past, I have had many Uncles and cousins who had long and celebrated carreers with the USPS which engendered a great deal of respect for the institution. With all the apathy and bureaucracy that is so prevalent with most USPS branches and Carriers that I see, I have VERY LITTLE remaining respect for the USPS Organization in current times!!!!

  • SMLE

    I wish everyone could work as a mail carrier for one day….just for one day…with a $80K a year supervisor, riding around inside an air-conditioned vehicle, “observing” you all day, while you are delivering mail in 98′ degree heat, then, before completing your route, said supervisor, cooking up a false charge against you , so you don’t make your retirement….then let’s see people complain about mail carriers in general.

  • Who Cares

    MORE people should do this. Videotape the psycho carriers who abuse their positions to harass their customers. I don’t use the post office for anything I don’t absolutely need to. My carrier is an ugly-arse witch/mess who delights in picking on customers. Destroys their mail, leaves the box open, won’t pick up mail when the flag is up. I wish a garbage truck would smash her truck into a oncoming train, that is how much I wish she would go away. Her supervisors don’t care. They are just as bad/complicit.

    The people at the top need to send every single customer a survey form that can only be responded to by EMAIL. Then they need to put cameras on the trucks so they can watch what they are doing remotely. Each time someone submits a complaint, there should be automatic action that follows until the problem is resolved.

    Or, just KEEP watching UPS/FEDEX help put them out of business. Where they deserve to be.

  • Who Cares

    P.S. The ONLY reason this situation was resolved was from the PUBLIC SHAMING that occurred as a result of this woman posting the abuse on Facebook. If any other person behaved the way some of these postal employees do, they would be behind bars.

    What is galling is that the supervisors ALLOWED this employee to abuse/harass/commit a felony to this woman for YEARS before they finally put a stop to BS. Both the rogue carrier AND the worthless supervisors should FIRED. They obviously didn’t do their job.

    I like the idea of outing these idiots to the world. More and more people should do this. Let the authorities in D.C. (who are sitting on their fat ass collecting taxpayer wages) see many people are regularly putting up with this schit.

    NO CUSTOMER should have to put up with this kind of abuse from ANY gov worker.
    End ‘federal protection’ for those who abuse others. People should be able to fight back when arseholes break the very laws they hide behind. IN COURT. NOT this BS arbitration that isn’t any better than a band aid on the broken leg of incompetence.