Home Depot investigates data breach; Customer info possibly exposed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Another jolt to consumer confidence as news that Home Depot may be the latest retailer to be targeted by hackers.

The company says it's investigating what could be one of the largest customer data breaches thus far.

Right now Home Depot is only saying that it's working with banks and law enforcement to look into some unusual activity which could point to a hack.

This is similar to what happened to 70 million Target store customers this past winter.

Indications are that the current alleged breach at Home Depot dates back to May.

Security experts say consumers need to be more vigilant.  They should check bank accounts and credit card statements almost daily, change passwords every four months, use different passwords for every account, check credit reports and sign up for identity theft protection service.

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  • not going to tell my name

    I know 2 or 3 guys that sold me a home Depot gift card at the same time this was posted yesterday and I gave one guy 500 dollars and I found out there was nothing on the card I was so mad I tried to call the numbers I have for them and nothing and to day they call me saying this is home Depot and then started taking shit to me I want to put them out the here are the 3 numbers I have for them this is the number that said his name is rob for home Depot 773 606 3984 and this is the number that started the hole thing 773 949 8119 the last one which is the one that came and gave me the card is 312 480 8749 i want there numbers out there so people can know who they are thank you