Grandfather dumps ice cold water on baby for ‘ALS Ice Bucket Challenge’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

There is outrage in Texas after a man took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with his 10-month-old granddaughter.

Video on Facebook shows the man dumping ice cold water on himself and the girl, as she sat below him.

The child's father says he and his family are outraged.

He says he is going through a nasty divorce with the girl's mother even more so now that his father-in-law did this.

Someone in another state sent the video to the Texas Department of Children and Families.

The agency won't confirm it's investigating, but says it's getting more and more abuse cases through social media.

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    • Makar

      You right its not your baby so mind your own business. He didn’t physically harm the baby.People to day are nosey about the wrong things.The department of human services will not investigate this b.s.

      • JJ

        People are nosey about a video posted on the internet…Right!!
        I guess snitching is bad even when an infant’s welfare is involved
        “Keeping it Real….stupid”

      • Larry Isme

        This was as stupid as can be. And it is everyone’s business when a child is subjected to stupid adults. Ee are supposed to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Not use them for our own stupid amusement. I hope he is never allowed near this kid

  • Makar

    Why do people do this only ten 9 percent of the money goes to research the rest goes to exececutives and board member. Americans are the dumbest people on the planet.

  • Mike

    How in the hell is this child abuse? People need to stop participating in these dumb challengens and stop posting your life on the internet.

    • Denise

      Because ice cubes dropping down on a 10 month old babies head feel like dropping rocks. Will it kill the baby? No, probably not. But he’s sure not going to win a grandfather of the year award!

    • Jennifer

      Even that amount of water could drown a baby that young! A small baby can drown in an inch of water. Not to mention the baby was looking up at him when it was poured down on her. Where is peoples common sense these days?

  • pat

    I’m sure he thought about it after. Like opps. The kid is fine. Let’s not make a lawsuit about something so minor. The news is getting sad.

  • Pat

    There is a very seriousness form of drowning, where a person gets splashed in the face or goes under water and a few teaspoons of water enter the lungs. They caugh and caugh then seem fine. In a few hours or a day they get a form of pneumonia from these teaspoons of water in the lungs and the fluid increases and they die. Also the person who said it is dangerousness to dump ice water on young children because their body temperature fluctuates so quickly is correct. It is abuse especially because this grandfather put his personal intrest in place of the child’s comfort or well being.

  • Pat

    I have something to say to the grandfather. This child will loose trust and love for you in time. I am sure you exhibit this type of behavior in other ways also. Please get professional help so this child will not grow to be afraid of you and resent you.

  • Jack Pierce

    Ice bucket is a form of torture. A child, even if they can talk, does not know much. I think the age of consent is 18. At that age, they can make up their own mind. If you really want to donate to the needy, support your food bank !

  • Mike

    Wow! this is what’s wrong with America. All you Nancy Graces need to get off your high horses. Everyone is getting bent out of shape because a baby had cold water put on her? The baby was fine, not a big deal. Next.

  • Grolie

    Sad reality is that innocent children are mentally and physically abused when no cameras are rolling. In the NYC Metro area we hear about infants/toddlers being murdered almost monthly now.

    Throwing a 20 month old onto the floor
    stomping on his chest twice
    laying him a scalding how bath

    Now that is a real sociopath who should be shot point blank in the head like rabid dog
    Compared to Athena Skeeter, Grandpa is just a goofy guy who made a bad decision

  • Claude dalcour sr.

    I am wondering was this grandfather ever abuse as a child to think that nothing is wrong for what was done to another man child and who gave him the right to do this, did he call the child dad and ask him would it be alright , what a disgrace he displayed before the world please seek professional help you were wrong foolish man!