Police: Man tried to force 11-year-old girl into van

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago police have issued a community alert after the attempted abduction of an 11-year old girl.

It happened Monday afternoon near 63rd and Drexel.

Police say a man grabbed the girl and tried to force her into his van. The girl was able to get away and call for help.

But she told police that she saw another girl inside that van screaming for help, with her hands and legs duct taped.

Police describe the vehicle as a full-size white van with painted over windows.

The man who approached her is described as about 5 feet 11 inches tall,  wearing black clothing and a ski mask.

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  • Jennifer

    Not that I’m doubting this girl, but has anyone checked her credibility? I mean…why would the alleged girl in the van have her feet and hands taped, but not her mouth? Would this alleged attempted kidnapper really drive around with a girl allowing her to scream at will? Also, is he just randomly driving around with a ski mask on? Not making light of this seriously, maybe I’ve seen too many CSI episodes.

  • James Stroh

    I agree with you Jennifer, I was thinking everything you just said while I was reading this. Wondering if the little girl was looking for attention. These things have happened before where a child was looking for some attention. I pray that that is what is happening and there isn’t a little girl tied up somewhere.

  • Diana

    On another news site it stated the 11 year old said the girl in the fan mouth was duct taped and both legs and arms were tied. I do hope they catch whoever it is in that van and rescue that little girl. The way Chicago has put up cameras on most streets why haven’t they viewed all the film.

  • Stephanie Roberts

    There was a story about a missing girl about 2 weeks ago that I’ve seen no update on. Connection? I hope the police take this story seriously and not first jump to conclusions about her credibility… unlike those safely behind a computer with their loved ones safe in bed. Attempted kidnapping has been a real issue this summer and I’m sure those with missing children want this followed up on immediately!