Police search for suspect who shot, killed 9-year-old

A young boy was killed in a shooting on Chicago's South Side.

9-year-old Antonio Smith was shot twice in the chest near 71st and Woodlawn around 4 p.m. Wednesday in the city's Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood.  He was taken to the hospital in critical condition where he later died, according to his family.

He lived near to the scene of the shooting and family members say he may have been waiting for a bus or walking in the neighborhood when someone opened fired.

WGN is told Smith may have ran for cover to seek shelter in a nearby backyard where a neighbor found him.

The neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said she arrived home just before 4 p.m. when she spotted the boy laying on his back in a neighbor’s backyard. She saw blood and knew something was wrong.

“As I was driving down the alley, I saw something lying in the neighbors backyard,” she said. “I saw it was a child. I got out of the car enough to see there was a child. I asked if he was doing alright. He never said anything and I immediately called 911.”

No one is in custody. Police are investigating.

Watch Courtney Gousman's package from August 20, 2014 below:

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  • Fishman

    My GOD, This is a Child. Any Human Life..But a CHILD!!! OK, When will the Men and Especially the Black Men Stand Up..No More. Protect your Neighborhoods, Protect Your Families, Stop The Killings NOW!!!! No Politics, No News Media, No Smart Ass Remarks. A Child was Killed tonight and this could have been mine. No More Stupid Comments, No More Sharpton or Jesse comments. We all Know the Truth. So Now Lets Do Something about it or Shut the F Up.
    A Child, A 9 Year Old Boy who had a Future. I want to Hear Positive Solutions and Love for this Child. We Know whats wrong and nobody wants to address it. To think Once I use to stand at 55th and Garfield for the Bus. My God, No Excuse to Live like this.

    • RogersPark

      It’s time to get the community leaders out and start teaching the masses about personal responsibility, morals, dedication, ethics and self-reliance. That would be a very good start!

      • GAPCH

        Why does it have to be community leaders to teach the masses, where are the parents to teach responsiblity, morals, dedication, ethics and self-reliance, and I will add self-descipline. If parents would be parents from the very beginning of their childs life, we wouldn’t be hearing about innocent children being killed!

    • Richard

      Your community needs to start to tell the authorities who is doing the killing When they see that people will speak up maybe then maybe. The killings will decrease

  • Tikka

    How fast will Father Pfleger and the news reporters gather to spread the hysteria that there is an epidemic of shootings and the only solution is new gun laws? This never stops being sad and the politicians and media never stop exploiting it to advance their agenda. This is the result of failed social and economic policies, not an antiquated Constitution.

  • Bill Otten

    I have said it before, & I will continue to say it: I don’t believe for a second that there are people who DON’T know who the shooters are. Until the people who live in these areas turn them in, this will continue to happen, & no amount of police can stop it. And as for the argument of “gang retaliation”-the people in these areas HAVE,,,,,NO…….CHOICE about what is the right thing to do! The cops can’t do anything UNLESS people come forward! It’s THEIR choice-not the city’s-not the cops-NOT Emanuel’s-THEIR CHOICE! AS long as these people who live in the areas DON’T turn in these shooters-NOTHING……..WILL………CHANGE!

    • Chivet

      Bill it’s not as easy as you think to just “turn someone in” these people (people who can identify the shooter) definitely live in areas where if you are even seen talking to anyone, even media your life is now targeted and yes I’m talking from experience.

  • Harold

    Hello. Jesse you out there al where you at this 9 year old not worth your time? Father phlaker what you got to say. Nothing No way to capitalize on this i guess

  • Hal

    Where is the national media on this story, where is the black leadership and community organizers, where is Eric Holder.
    Why is this boy’s death less important than Michael Brown?

  • Shawn

    This is truly a tragedy. It doesn’t matter what race this child was, he’s a child. No matter what is going on in the politics of our country no child should ever be gunned down by anyone, for any reason. Instead of spreading hate I want to spread prayers to this young man’s family. I hope as a community they can come together, but not in the political sense, in the way communities used to come together and protect their children and homes from ever having to deal with something like this again.

  • Chivet

    I agree with about 80% of you guys on here, but again its not as easy as “snitching” or reporting a shooter. I challenge you to take your ENTIRE family to Woodlawn or South Shore and move in for a year or so. Get to know these areas that you believe are safe enough to talk with law enforcement or media and I guarantee that you will not NOT “snitch” or talk to anyone in absolute fear for your family. The crime in this city will start to deplete as soon as these young men and women understand their true value and start to be treated as equals and not “savages” and agressors..not by turning in a shooter or marching in a street. It’s a much safer alternate than “snitching” as some of you would elaborate. .so there, how many of you will act on that? These victims are black yes, but did not God create us equal and as brothers and sisters? This is a humanity issue, will we continue to label them “white” or “black” or will we do something radical? It’s on us.

    • baz987

      Problem is people are getting killed and they’re NOR snitching. If my family was in jeopardy either way, then I’d try snitching. NOT snitching is not stopping the violence.

      • Chivet

        No offense but it sounds like you are speaking from innuendo. .and I never said to not talk with authorities I’m just saying you risk getting killed if you do. Talk to the cops until you are blue in the face all you want, they really couldn’t care less when you are in a poor neighborhood anyway..The fact is if you don’t see value and teach it to these kids the crime won’t stop, people are poor as hell out here not knowing where their next meal is coming from..you would rob, steal and if necessary kill too if you were in the same predicament.

    • Harold

      There is no protest because there is nothing to be gained or profited. This is part of the daily routine in Chicago. The only thing that changes is the face and age of the black person . And the entire USA knows this that is why no outrage

  • Judi

    Terrible report! These two so-called reporters need to go back to school to learn proper grammar.

    “WGN is told Smith may have ran for cover” WRONG… may have RUN for cover.

    “when she spotted the boy laying on his back ” WRONG… LYING on his back. (The quote from the neighbor is correct, though. At least, as far as the word “lying” goes. Go figure!)

    “I asked if he was doing alright.” WRONG… It’s two words: ALL RIGHT

    My sincere condolences to the family and friends of this little boy. I hope they catch whoever took his life.

  • Diane

    This poor boy. I can imagine him in pain, all alone and wanting his mommy. Lying there afraid. I HATE when people hurt kids. I hope they catch who did it.

  • Micheal D Lamb

    How does 3 grown men walk up to a innocent 9 year old & shoot him 4 times in the chest?? Straight executed a 9 year old in cold blood. This is why I do what I do! This young man couldn’t even see the age of 10 because “WE” killed’em! makes me sick to my stomach. I’m going to ride you like a Cowboy until we get this stuff right!!
    Since there’s no Black leaders, activist or “communities” ‘Marching’
    & “Protesting” in your name little bro. I’m sending this post out for you & your family. R.I.P Little Antonio Smith
    Johnathan Gentry
    How does 3 grown men walk up to a innocent 9 year old & shoot him 4 times in the chest?? Straight executed a 9 year old in cold blood. This is why I do what I do! This young man couldn’t even see the age of 10 because “WE” killed’em! makes me sick to my stomach. I’m going to ride you like a Cowboy until we get this stuff right!!
    Since there’s no Black leaders, activist or “communities” ‘Marching’
    & “Protesting” in your name little bro. I’m sending this post out for you & your family. R.I.P Little Antonio Smith

  • katizmy5

    I hate to tell you but the average ybm is WAY more likely to be killed by another ybm than any other way. Michael Brown was not the squeaky clean kid that was killed in cold blood, he had just robbed a store of cigars & shoved the owner when confronted. A six foot 2 inch, 250 pound person is NEVER unarmed in my opinion. And how does destroying your own neighborhood helping the cause? Ybm’s are killed in my town almost every day but it is just business as usual. I am WAY more concerned by this, especially since most of these thugs just shoot and a lot of times miss their target & hit an innocent bystander.


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