Parents warned about powerful new marijuana drug

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Police are warning parents about a powerful new marijuana product called "wax" which is equal to smoking 15 joints.

It looks like lip balm and can easily be hidden in those containers.

It can be eaten or smoked.

"Wax" is made from the oils of marijuana plants but has more concentrated levels of the chemical THC, which makes users high.

And because the drug is cooked like meth, some teens are trying to make it at home risking potentially deadly explosions from highly flammable chemicals.


  • Angelo Marley

    Wow really, you guys should do some research before you report on stories especially since most Marijuana users, already no about the propaganda the government and media try to spread hatred for a plant an it’s users, this is not a new “Marijuana Drug” that phrase in it’s self makes the author of this article seem very uneducated, How can you or your editor or producer let something like this out, without attaching some more information other than it being dangerous? Seriously is that slow of a news day?

  • more propaganda

    Really 15 joints is comparable from on hit of wax?. More lies coming from the anti-pot people. WGN please post a link from where this is a fact. Sounds very made up imo.

  • Mark

    This is an article designed to generate fear for no good reason. This is not a synthetic marijuana, it is actually another form of the same stuff you smoke. You could just as easily make arguments it is safer to consume.

  • Dan

    Cooked like meth?! Lol. No it isn’t!!

    And you know something isn’t right if in one state it’s considered a powerful medicine and in others is called a dangerous drug. Do your own research. The best herbal supplement and medicinal plant on the planet.

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