Man shot and killed by St Louis police

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A 23-year-old man was shot and killed after showing a knife to an officer in North St. Louis, according to Chief Sam Dotson.

Dotson confirmed that there was a fatal officer-involved shooting around 12:30 p.m. at McLaran Avenue and Riverview Drive in North St. Louis.

According to Dotson, the suspect stole two energy drinks from the Six Stars Market in the 8700 block of Riverview. Dotson said after the suspect walked out of the store with the drinks, he went back inside the store and grabbed a pastry. Dotson said the store owner followed the suspect out of the store and police were dispatched to the area.

According to police, the suspect pulled out a knife and was acting erratically when officers arrived. Dotson told reporters the suspect told responding officers to “shoot me now, kill me now.” Dotson said officers asked the suspect to drop the knife, which he was holding in an overhead grip, and the suspect refused to do.

When the suspect approached the officers carrying a knife, officers fired shots striking the suspect. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene of the shooting.

When asked about the validity of the shooting, Dotson said officers “have a right to defend yourself.”

Mayor Francis Slay tweeted that there will be a “complete and transparent” investigation into the shooting. He pledged that St. Louis “will know everything I know.”

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  • Patrick McNamara

    Of course, the “police officers'” weapons would not allow them to aim directly at the obviously deranged young man’s LEGS or ARMS instead of aiming the fatal shots as they did.

    • rufus

      Everyone constantly blaming the police!how about about we give you a badge and gun and put your life in harm’s way to protect and serve!

      • George

        How about we shoot the retards along with the crazy people. Thats what you sound like. This man was mentally ill and needed help. I guess the tazers were farther away than their guns, and their batons even farther.

      • George

        Just fyi you get more than a badge and gun when you become a cop. You get a kevlar vest, tazer, baton, knife, back up, a partner, and lots of training to deal with the hazards that come with the job, like any job.

    • Dan

      Clearly someone that’s never shot a gun before. Trying to hit extremities is foolish and dangerous; someone with a knife can close distance VERY QUICKLY and cause incredible physical damage and death to the defender. Google the Tueller Drill – also known as the 21 foot rule – before you foolishly start spouting drivel.

      • George

        Whats foolish about using your training? Does anyone know that cops are trained in several alternate types of non lethal stoppage. There are rules of engagement.

    • Paul

      Officers aren’t trained to wound a person. If they draw their weapon, they do it with the intention of using deadly force and killing the person they are aiming at. Don’t be so niave to think they should do anything less but kill the person.

      • Paul

        Zero fact my ass, i have a degree in law enforcement, and in obtaining that, we were taught that you shoot to kill, not to wound or mame. I also work with police officers everyday who will tell you the same thing, you need to get your facts straight

    • Todd

      I understand your theory however there have been circumstances where police have tried that and it did not stop the aggressor and officers were hurt or killed so officers are taught to shoot center mass.

    • Paul

      Tasers are used when the suspect doesn’t have the ability to use deadly force against an officer. Having a knife, which is more deadly than a firearm because it never jams or runs out of bullets, allows the use of deadly force. Don’t be a dipshit and think an officer should use less then lethal force.

  • Britney

    So there was more than one officer, and the only way to get a hold of this situation was to kill the man??? Whatever happened to night sticks? Tasers? Rubber bullets? Why are they bringing guns to a knife fight? And KILLING these people? Multiple officers had to shoot this ONE man, why?? Is that just the default answer for dealing with black people? “Just shoot ’em”?

    • tayshaun

      How about the man not approach the officers with a knife demanding they shoot him and this could have been avoided. Instead of pointing fingers at officers for protecting themselves and the public from crazy people like him. Its not even about race its common sense everyone knows not to approach anyone like that especially and officer with a gun in hand open your eyes.

      • George

        If he was crazy than he didnt have control of his mind and needed help not to be shot dead. The officers out numbered him and had access to non lethal and effective means to end this. Why do racist people feel their entitled to humanity and not african americans.

    • Paul

      Your post shows your complete lack of knowledge in how the world works. That person had the ability to use deadly force against an officer, so that gives them the right to use lethal force. Are you going to get close enough to a person with a knife to strike them or take them down. That’s ridiculous, if that officer was your husband what would you rather him have done, be judged by 12 or carried by 6. And if your to damn dumb to figure that out you can Google it.

      • Paul

        That’s great.. He lives to attack someone else who can’t defend themselves, or how many people carry a baton around aside from police officers. Shoot and kill the guy, he gets what he deserves and you same more people in the long run.

  • pam

    I have to agree with the comments regarding tasers. Seems like the cops are getting trigger happy and shooting to kill!! They definitely need to be retrained on how to use the taser gun!!!!

    • C.F.

      You do know how tasers work right? Both prongs must penetrate the skin otherwise the offender does not feel the affects and at that time already has the knife plunged into the police officer. So I guess in your world it’s ok for the police officer to die rather then the offender who chose to grab a knife and attack the officer. Police officers are trained to eliminate the threat by using an act of force and the offender determines how much force is needed to eliminate that threat not the other way around.

      • George

        Its an ccupational hazard if ur too coward to handle it, work at walmart. Their trained to protect the public who they work for. The people they kill pay them to protect and serve. And in common sense their trained to have more options and intellegence to handle this job

  • Molly Reda-Schneider

    Beginning with the first report on this tragedy, the media should be more responsible and stick to relevant facts. A man was shot by a Police officer. Pointing out their ethnicity is simply something for the record books and courts; if necessary; but used in the headlines to incite controversy. I cannot believe that the people of that community are so corrupt or misguided that they would put it all on the line unless there was a history of abuse and un-accountability that left no room for submitting any further. Higher government was both slow and mediocre in intervening to assure both sides a fair, un-biased full investigation and commitment to make right as best they can, any wrongs that may have been done, present and past with equal justice or punishment. Brown’s parent’s I commend, for putting their grief aside to care about the welfare of the people in the community. Dr. King was able to effect change peacefully because of his commitment to peace and the justice system at the Federal level and it is time for both sides to lay down the weapons and use that precious system we have in place. It only works as well as we allow it to.

  • JAKE

    This is looking a whole lot like another manipulated, and/or manufactured event to stir up racial hate in this country. And most of the posters here seem only too willing to follow right along. Wake up people! You are being manipulated into a police state.

  • C.F.

    Everyone that is on hear saying why don’t the police just use a taser or there baton or shoot him in his leg, obviously has never been put in that kind of situation before and have no idea what damage a knife can do. Police officers are not super heroes with super hero powers, I guess they should use there laser beam eyes and knock the knife out of the offenders hand. A taser is not the end all be all if one prong does not penetrate the skin it does not work there for leaving the police officer vulnerable and in deaths way. A baton will do no good against a man wielding a knife that is just stupid to even think. Finally police officers are not trained to shoot at offenders extremities they are taught to fire to eliminate the threat, which means a center mass strike is going to eliminate the threat and is a much easier shot obviously because it is a much larger area. Police officers are human just like everyone else on this thread, we do not have super human powers just because we have a badge if you think that then you watch way to many movies. It’s funny how everything is turned into a racial issue when it has to deal with a white police officer and black offender (yes offender). There’s no riots with all the black on black crime no marches no news media 80 plus people shot on 4th ofjuly in Chicago and no comments from the president. Now you tell me who the racists are. Goodbye and look forward to hearing more of the bashing of police officers and blaming of whites.

  • Linda

    It’s not a race thing, it’s not a police thing; if anyone came at me or my family with a knife, they would be shoot dead. Human beings should not threaten a life of another.

  • George

    You people are murderous scum and i hope karma shows you the errors of your ways. I hope you shoot an unarmed intruder and get made a example of and end up in jail where you cant shoot and kill every g hing your affraid of

    • Paul

      I will gladly shoot an unarmed intruder in my house. If it happens that I get killed with my own gun it will be because he beat me to death with it and advanced through a wall of bullets to get my. As long as that intruder is still on his feet my finger will still be pulling the trigger.

  • Todd

    Funny. I here anti police bigots talk about using tasers. These are the same morons who want tasers banned. Perhaps all police should quit and then let’s see what happens America.

  • Todd

    How is someone a murderous scum because they defended themselves? Wow.
    If this is America maybe I should move to Russia. After all, they will be running this country one day if we don’t get some balls and confront their aggression.

  • Michele

    It says 23 year old man…doesn’t say what race he was. Maybe people should start raising their children with respect ..manners and morals and try to educate them not be criminals. Keyword criminals. .Tired of police taking the downfall for this crap..then when someone breaks the law all the innocent pictures are uploaded to the media and how good of a person they were..HELLO they were BREAKING the law and resisting a police officer..they weren’t playing hopscotch.

  • Tragic

    This is another tragic event for all who are involved and the people who live in this already chaotic town.
    I will say that I have been shot at & I have been stabbed. Now I am not a thug, gang banger or drug dealer. Just a person who for whatever reason had those cards handed to him. I will say being shot at or getting stabbed is really tomatoes or tomatos, those incidents are an intense adreneline filled moments. My take away’s from both of those incidents where, NOT to put yourself in a situation where something like that can happen & if that situation arises you have to seperate yourself from the threat. While it would be easy for me to arm chair quaterback what the cops could have or should have done differently? The facts of the matter is as reported, you have a person who commited a robbery at a store (however small those items where) & to add to the already tense situation you have that same person brandishing a deadly weapon threatening to do bodily harm to other people. This is an unfortunate series of events. That person could have put down their weapon and chose NOT to do so. At the end of the day if you threaten me with great bodily harm I will do my upmost best to be the last man standing.

  • SB

    The streets of Chicago need some protest and rage. Babies (yes babies), toddlers, and little girls having sleep overs at their house are dying by bullets flying through the air and into their homes. Little kids riding their bikes are getting struck by these gang members trying to shoot each other. The lack of value in human life is so messed up. They just do not care about these kids or even their own lives! Its sad. I hope that all people can take a stand against this. This is a HUGE issue and its happening all the time.
    The police I feel get a bad rap. I would not want their job at all! I think most officers out there are doing their job for the right reasons. If it came down to my life or someone elses I would have no problem pulling that trigger. I dont care if they are mentally ill, a young gang banger or an animal. My life over any other life that wants to hurt me or anyone else.
    The fight should be against the evil. Not against all in a specific organization.

  • Shaqwanda jones

    Yall just stupid. The policeman should not shoot to kill. That poor man family now going to pay for a funeral. The policeman who killed him should have to pay to bury him now. We need to get rud of all police key the people take care if it

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