Viewers react to Larry’s ‘shark in Lake Michigan’ story

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  • Marcelino Del Pilar

    Dear Mr. Larry POTASH,
    In connex w/ ur report of a shark in Lake Michigan, I believe it is very likely…as my son had just unintentionally taken a photo last Saturday during the Air & Water Show (in Lake Michigan) of a possible dorsal fin protruding on the surface of a portion of the lake between Fullerton & North Harbor, that appeared at the background of the picture of his intended subject. Although he swore to me that the photo was not FAKE or made-up, he however, for whatever reason, is hesitant to report it to the press. Having a guilty feeling on this & w/ the thinking that the public should be warned about it, I’m informing you myself thru this commentary…you being a journalist (or on TV news) and having reported it on your show.
    Very Truly,
    Morton Grove, IL
    This is just an FYI. Please understand we seek no publicity on this.


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