16-year-old girl shot and killed in drive by shooting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WGN's Courtney Gousman joins us live from police headquarters with more.

I talked to the best friend of Shaquise Buckner, who’s now tortured over decisions the girls made that put them in harms way.

The tears keep coming for the family of 16-year-old Shaquise Buckner.

“She didn’t deserve this,” says Parisha Brown.

The honor roll student, from Perspective IIT Academy, gunned down just before one a.m. this morning, while walking with friends.

Terrance Loving says, “I was asleep, I got up and I heard like 14 shots.”

Destiny Humphries says she and Shaquise were best friends. “We had a bond couldn’t nobody break.”

The two heading to a friend’s house just before one this morning, when bullets started flying towards them, as they walked near 72nd and Laflin.

“It wasn’t the driver. It was the person in the back. You could tell it was a new van cause you could push it down and the windows came down. He let the gun out and started shooting.”

Humphries says her first instinct was to run.

“I was looking back to hope she was running too. That’s why I thought. I thought she did run.”

“Did she run?”

“No she didn’t run.”

She tells me her best friend went into shock, and froze.

Police say Shaquise was shot in the head, and died at the scene.

Humphries also tells me two other guys were walking with them.

“I hang around them every day. Yeah, that was just my fault.  That was our fault. We knew they was targets, we didn’t have no business walking with them.”

Police say one of those guys has gang ties.

He’s 20 years-old, and he was shot in the back and taken to Christ Hospital.

“You lost your best friend over this?”

“I don’t know.”

Police say that 20 year-old man who was also shot, was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

There will be a vigil tomorrow night at 6, at Shaquise’s school.

Police tell me no one is in custody for this shooting.

Live from Chicago police headquarters, Courtney Gousman, WGN News.

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  • sprice

    Her momma’s fault! Why was a 16 year old girl walking around the VIOLENT neighborhood at 1AM with a 20 YEAR OLD MAN???? If you must live in that cesspool, could the mother at least take precautions not to have that happen? Why was she not int he house? Again, it was 1o’clock in the morning!!!!!

    • t

      Why must you put the blame on her mom? Have you thought about when you we’re 16. Did you try and sneak out the house? I felt sick to my stomach when I read your post. My prayers go out to our family we lost one of our babies to this wicked world!

    • t

      Why must we point the blame at her mom! Don’t you think she is hurting enough. God! Why must people be so blind point the blame at the one who is really behind all this Satan the devil. Mom remember Rev 21:3,4. My prayers are with the family.

  • mbarney

    Why is this shooting happens in the first place, another 16 year old girl getting killed in the streets of Chicago, first there were Hadiyah Penerton who was shot last year in a drive by shooting, and now this, these gang members are such cowards, they have guns and the other gangs has guns, and the police have guns. Put the guns down this don’t make any sense.

    • keywana

      im her friend and they isnt gang members to us they is childhood friends! those is the people we grew up with for years and years #WHY YOU CANT UNDERSTAND!

  • FishMan

    PRAY for this Girl and Her Family!!!! No More Words. Please Stand and Stop this Horrible Life People have to live. No One Should Ever Have to Go Through This!!!!

    Prayers for Her and Her Family.