Red light camera controversy: Yellow light lengths investigated

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The red light camera controversy is expanding and now yellow lights are being scrutinized.

On Tuesday, a judge looked at five separate speeding tickets, and threw two out after ruling the yellow light times lasted only 2.9 seconds.

The judge told the Chicago Tribune that he throws out up to 70% of the red light traffic violations that he sees, because in his opinion the yellow light is too short.

By law, the yellow light must last at least three seconds.

The website, measured many intersections across the city and claims a number have yellow lights that are too quick.

The city is under fire for a spike in red-light camera tickets.

The Chicago Tribune reports thousands of drivers received tickets they didn't deserve over the past seven years.

City Hall officials claim the amber lights meet traffic standards and make intersections safer.

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  • Southsider

    That’s so true. I thought I was the only one that noticed the yellow lights where speed cameras are shorter than they use to be before the cameras.

  • Tikka

    New red light camera policy made by Chicago Dept. of Revenue. Yellow light is 3.0 seconds every Monday, 3.2 seconds on Tuesdays, 3.5 seconds on Wednesday, 4 seconds on Thursday and 5 seconds on Fridays. Weekends will vary at random and weekday times change monthly. Get used to it, new citywide revenue enhancement policies will be made daily.