Mother says she was asked to leave restaurant for changing baby’s diaper

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A mother says she was kicked out of a restaurant in Texas for changing her baby’s diaper.

Miranda Sowers says there was no changing table in the bathroom.

She didn’t want to lay her four-month old baby, Reagan, on the floor so she went back to the table and changed her on a chair.

Owners stand by their decision, saying it happened during their busy lunch hour and other customers complained.

The family’s food was wrapped up and they were asked to leave.

Sowers has filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Gary

    The restaurant has to make sure they are abiding by health codes. They could be closed down for allowing that type of thing. I agree they should have changing tables in the restroom but I am not going to go to a place where I potentially could be eating where there was a dirty diaper on the table. How gross!!!!!!!

  • Ginni Cronin

    You take your child out to the car and change him/her there. I would be too embarrassed to have brought this to the media. Wow!

  • Lisa

    This is absolutely disgusting!! To the people who agree with this woman, do you know how many cases of colitis (severe infection of the colon) everyday that are directly related to fecal matter? Hint: most commen place to pick up is not in the bathroom! This lady put other people’s health at risk, because she was too lazy(?) or organized to have checked diapers/pants before she left her vehicle. I have 2 children & when they were in diapers, I would check before leaving my car just in cases they needed changing & if for some reason they soiled their diaper after that I would take care of it in the bathroom, which meant most times on my lap while I sat on the toilet, because most places didn’t have changing tables. If it’s too complicated to do that & too much of an inconvience for you to lug 3 kids around then maybe you shouldn’t go out by yourself.
    As for the comments about breast feeding, unless you eat sitting on a toilet, don’t tell me to feed my child there. I always moved to a isolated spot & made sure I was covered like changing rooms at stores or I’d go to my car, but I’d rather see a mom nursing than one changing a dirty diaper at a table( on a chair or not)

    • LG

      You need to educate yourself about something before commenting. Colitis is not contagious or spread by fecal matter! It is a disease of the colon. I’ve had it most of my life.

  • tina

    I absolutely agree with you that say it’s disgusting. table manners are a thing of the past! people blow their nose in restaurants while you’re eating and then some may say, “excuse me”.. no that doesn’t excuse you b/c I don’t want to hear the sound of boogies while I am chewing my food!!

  • Cannot believe this dispicab

    I cannot believe that this disgusting woman has the nerve to try and sue this restaurant for protecting the common courtesy and respect of their other customers! Omg, don’t even try to explain that she had other children with her and that she was alone…so you’re going to try and explain that you lugged your soiled baby, along with other children that couldn’t be left alone, to the bathroom, only to find out that there was no changing room and that you couldn’t figure out how to Improvise in order to change your baby?! Give me a break!

  • LG

    Changing tables in restrooms is a courtesy, not a requirement. When my kids were little they didn’t even have changing tables, or very few. I changed my kids on the floor or in the car.
    For the person who commented about spreading colitis…colitis is a disease of the colon. It is NOT contagious in any way. I know, I’ve had it most of my life.

  • Roxie

    If you cant change your baby in the bathroom go out to the car. Its not a requirement to have changing tables. Ive dealt with it without being rude & disgusting by changing either of my kids at the table. Im glad the restaurant isnt backing down either. I hope eventually this woman realizes how gross & unsanitary that is.

  • Anne

    bottom line, she did something unsanitary. A dirty diaper doesn’t belong in the same area where food is being served. As a mother, who changed diapers before changing tables in bathrooms were invented, I consider her behavior rude and inconsiderate. A diaper mat protects the baby from the floor, making changing quick and easy, and washing up a breeze. She didn’t want to kneel down to look after her child, and she wasn’t properly prepared. Paper towel would have done in a pinch. Another member of the entitled generation…

  • Sandy

    She could have taken the baby out to her vehicle and changed the diaper. Dirty diapers smell and I wouldn’t want to smell one while I’m eating. The restaurant was right.