Family finds snake in case of water from Walmart

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A family in Oklahoma got the surprise of a lifetime when they opened a case of water they bought at Walmart.

They say their daughter suddenly started screaming that there was a rattlesnake inside the case.

Her dad pushed the water outside and then took a broom stick to the snake.

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  • Jane

    Most plastic wrapped water cases have openings, how can you know these snake didn’t crawl in after the trip brought them water home. Not enough info to make conclusion but I call bull

  • Jessica

    Poor snake! What an arse! Like it’s not been through enough being hustled around repeatedly, this jack-@$$ had to beat the poor terrified thing to death. Excellent parenting skills right there. Teach your children that if you are a bit scared, is perfectly acceptable to overreact and kill something that’s caused zero harm!

  • me

    What a treat. A case of water and a free pet! Too bad they had to resort to the typical standard behavior and kill it. No shock there. It was outside and no longer posed a threat to the kids. They should have called animal control to collect it.

  • Dana

    I love how everyone automatically wants to sue Walmart… Like they intentionally put a rattlesnake in the water… Nobody is in the wrong here, except the man who killed the snake. Call animal control…they can release it in a safe place. But this sue everyone mentality is exactly why our health care insurance is so expensive, and our daily necessities are so expensive… to cover the cost of ridiculous lawsuits.