Woman looking for birth mother discovers she married her brother


A woman from Brazil searching for her birth mother discovered she has been married to her own brother for seven years.

According to the Daily Mail, 39-year-old Adriana and her husband 37-year-old Leandro were abandoned as babies and have spent their lives trying to find who they thought was their respective mothers.

Leandro grew up in the same town where he was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil while Adriana moved away and was married for 15 years.

“The pair met for the first time ten years ago after Adriana’s marriage broke down and she moved back to her home town, and they soon fell in love and moved in together,” The Daily Mail reports.

Recently, Adriana contacted a radio station asking for help in locating her birth mother. The two were reunited live on the air. At the end of the interview the mother revealed she also had a son who didn’t know her.

“As it becomes clear that it is the same Leandro that she was married to, Adriana is heard weeping uncontrollably: ‘I don’t believe that you’re telling me this. Leandro is my husband,’” The Daily Mail reports.

Adriana and Leandro, who never married legally, have a 6-year-old child.


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