Mother sues CPD alleging use of excessive force in 10-year-old son’s arrest

A mother is suing Chicago police after she says they falsely arrested then used excessive force on her 10-year-old son.

Tanisha McGee was walking with her son near 79th and Cottage Grove last April when police stopped them. They arrested the boy, believing he had a gun and information about a gang.

The suit alleges police threatened and verbally abused him before finally releasing him with a citation for public urination.

Their lawyer sees it as a clear case of discrimination.

WGN contacted the City of Chicago who said they're unable to comment on pending cases.

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  • Really?

    If this truly happened the way the mom of the boy said it happened then shame on those police officers.
    However, until both sides of the story are told then I can’t really believe this is not for some type of financial gain money grab.

  • John

    In many cases, the Lawyers -BFS-(bottom feeders of society) are always looking for the opportunity to create, enhance and profit. The victim becomes the City and the tax payers.

  • MoreLove

    This really should have very little to do with race and more about the age of this child. He is a 10 year old kid for crying out loud nothing excessive should have had to be done to him.