Trial continues in Joliet double murder; friends to testify against each other

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Testimony is continuing today in the trial of Bethany McKee, one of four people accused in the murders of two young men in Joliet.

The trial resumed this morning with cross examination of the officer who conducted the police interview with McKee, then 18. That video -- in which she revealed grisly details about the double murder -- was played in court yesterday.

Also on the stand this morning was a witness who was in the home the night of the killings.

Philip Massaro testified that he was asleep on the couch downstairs in his Joliet home on January 9, 2013 when he heard a commotion upstairs, where his daughter lives. He then sought his daughter, Alisa, and her friend, Bethany McKee, downstairs as the commotion continued upstairs.

McKee is on trial for first-degree murder. Alisa Massaro struck a plea deal and is expected on the stand soon to testify against McKee and two others who are awaiting trial.

In a police recording played in court yesterday, McKee pinned the murders on Joshua Miner and Adam Landerman, admitting she helped in luring Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins, both 22, to the home so they could rob them of their money.

After the victims were strangled, McKee revealed stories of sex on the corpses, sick fantasies involving mutilation, and partying.

After her arrest McKee told police it felt like a dream and that she thought her friends were joking when they talked about killing Glover and Rankins for cigarette and alcohol money.

Alisa Massaro is expected on the stand either late today or tomorrow. Her father testified that he left for work the next morning and didn't know about the murders until he got home and saw it taped off by Joliet police.


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  • mike

    This was a satanic sacrifice it doesn’t take brain surgeon to figure that out. surf boarding and sex on top of dead bodies cutting their bladders out etc . Robbery was the last thing on these devils minds robbery is just a cover up for the true story.