Style Files: Back to school fashions

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Back to School Fashions

Light the Night Walk
October 18

The fashions featured today are available from Burlington Coat Factory .


Look #1

Denim Jacket $24.99

Plaid shirt $8.99

Blue pants $12.99

Leather shoes $14.99

TOTAL: $61.96


Look #2

Camo hooded sweatshirt $14.99

Striped tee $7.99

Jeans $14.99

Blue shoes $24.99

TOTAL: $62.96


Look #3

Pink cardigan $14.99

Graphic tee $4.99

Jeans $10.99

Pink Sequin Shoes $19.99

TOTAL: $50.96


Look #4

Embellished sweatshirt $12.99

Purple leggings $8.99

Booties $14.98

Backpack $12.99

TOTAL: $49.95

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