2 in custody after police-involved shooting at Northwest Side Jewel

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Two men are in custody after a shoplifting incident that led to a police-involved shooting.

It happened at the Jewel-Osco near Foster and Harlem in the city's Oriole Park neighborhood at about 7 p.m. Thursday.

Witnesses say the two men loaded up a cart full of groceries, left the store without paying, and then loaded up their car.

Store employees alerted an off-duty detective who was shopping inside.

She confronted the men in the parking lot, but police say they sped towards her forcing her to fire two warning shots.

“The officer, in fear for her life, discharged her weapon at the offenders,” police said in a statement.

The detective wasn't hurt in the incident.

It's not clear if any charges have been filed yet.


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    • Ashley

      Yeah this lady needs to stop posting news stories even after she updated it she decided to say this occurred Thursday evening, even though it’s barely Thursday afternoon..

      • Kathy

        Now that investigative reporting is a dead profession, you don’t need much education to be a teleprompter-reader. On-the-scene reporting is something this woman should not be doing since she does not have a command of the English language. Curious what her educational background is that qualified her for this job. There is no excuse for using a word like “checkened”.

  • Funny Ain't It

    The headline is so misleading. Sounds like just someone fired a shot, when in fact it was a legal carry doing the shooting and, in fact, a police officer. Please, stop the hysterical headlines, it’s so demeaning.

    • Sarah Bonner

      ‘Shots fired’ means the same thing irregardless of who fired a shot or why.
      The bigger problem is using the word ‘shooting’, as a noun, since there is typically a presumption of someone getting hit.

      • Joel Gruber

        You cant be grammar nazi-ing when you just used the “word” irregardless. Surely you realise that the prefix “ir” and the suffix “less’ cancel each other out? the word you want is “regardless”, meaning “having no regard for something”. if you add “Ir” to it, then it means “not having no regard for something”, which is the opposite of what you intended to say, and not actually a word.

        But then, you arent writing for a news site. O_O

  • Robby

    I lived in the neighborhood for many years and it shows the blatant amounts of crazy Chicago is really going through.

    Also, the article reads that the shooting occurred “7 PM Thursday”. I read this article around 9:45 this Thursday morning. Definitely a time lapse error here

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