‘Cat Lady’ saving cats in city’s rough neighborhoods

Sometimes you hear about the neighborhood cat lady, and she’s the target of a joke.

But Pilsen’s own Georgie Black is no joke. In fact, she is a big help to the communities where she volunteers to control the cat population.

Georgie is a real life do gooder on a “TNR” mission – that’s trap, neuter and return as many cats as she can.

Georgie is a volunteer for PAWS Chicago and is active in areas where the locals say the animal control and the rodent abatement programs are practically non-existent.

At 5-foot 2, the short-haired, tattooed, 60-something-year-old can be found three to four days a week rounding up finicky felines.

For Georgie her love of all things animal began when she was 18 and got a job at the local kennel in Lombard where she lived.

And all this time later there is no quit in her. Since January of 2013 alone She has “TNR-ed” more than 500 cats.

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  • Leslie Bonk

    George Black has made a difference in the cat population in these poverty strewn areas. She absolutely loves each cat as if it were her own. I don’t think she realizes how many lives she has saved with her unselfishness. I wish that she had better support and a financial backing to help her continue this mission.

    • Barbara Skrobanski

      First of all Ms Bonk you are only hearing one side to the story. I too am an animal lover, and if people were responsible pet owners we would not have cats running all over, as in spay/nueter your pets and keep them in your house or on a leash. Also I would like to add that if people did not live like pigs they would not have rats running all over their neighborhoods. There is also the nuisance side to this TNR Program. Leaving food out does attract rats, raccoons, etc etc. I have photos to prove it, along with photos of these cats relieving themselves on peoples properties that do not want this around their homes. Very unsanitary!!! And last but not least , fixing these cats and throwing them back on the streets is inhumane. You may want to educate yourself alittle more by getting some FOIA Reports from Animal Care and Control and Dept of Street and Sanitation, on reports of injured and dead cats. You would be in shock

      • Leslie Bonk

        Ms. Skrobanski-it’s time to pull your head out of the sand and realize that the majority of people living in these impoverished area can barely take care of themselves let alone stray cats. I am not hearing one side of the story either Barbara-I lived in the city for 25 years and I know all about the stray cat population, I do not need some FOIA Reports from Animal Control to confirm the problem. Take a walk in these alleys with George if you want to feel the true impact. I don’t know how to stop the people who live like pigs as you stated. Maybe we should trap the people and sterilize them so they don’t reproduce? No, we can’t do that to people because we are a civilized society but we can stop the overpopulation of cats and dogs. And unless you have a viable solution to this problem, I suggest you educate yourself a little more and quit quoting the damn ACC reports and have a look in those alleys and come up with a solution. Oh no, the cats are relieving themselves on other peoples properties? Well so do the birds, the raccoons, the deer, the bunnies, and the dogs who are being walked on leashes by “responsible” owners. This is such a small problem that doesn’t really need to be addressed. You want to know what’s INHUMANE- taking these cats to a shelter to be euthanized. They have lived their lives on the street and they know how to survive. They have colony feeders and people who care for them. Eventually the colony will die off and there will be no more cats. This is the goal. We are sorry if it angers some of you out there who don’t know any better. Have a nice day Barbara.

      • Thom

        Because it is more important (to you) to tear down people who are doing something to relieve the problem than to be part of the solution. Good argument there Barbara

      • bunkadoo59@gmail.com

        I know, I replied to Barbara the same night. Did you see that? I think I set her stupid ass straight.

  • Kat

    George does incredible work ! She is self and donation funded and can always use donations(gas cards, Petsmart/Pet Supplies Plus Gift Cards, cash, etc) and sure she could use some TNR volunteers. She has a Facebook Page Chicago TNR if you would like to read more about her mission–andn there is a GoFund me link there and contact info for her

  • estelle

    Animals are Gods creatures and they do not know right from wrong. When you take a stray cat or dog that has had to live on the streets, dig in garbage cans for food, never had a bath and never was loved, that animal changes big time.
    People are too quick to judge when instead they could MAKE a difference.
    I think Georgie has alot of compassion, guts, strength and is someone who does make a Gigantic difference. God bless her, we need more Georgies and less responsible pet owners!!!!!!

  • George Black

    Abandoned cat populations in every neighborhood are created by the residents of that area. The cats were not IMPORTED and did not come from elsewhere. IT IS YOUR NEIGHBORS allowing their cats out UNFIXED to breed freely and produce as many as 3 litters per year that over time create an epidemic. If you do nothing and do not create a vigilance in your area YOU TOO ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Often I find out a neighbor of a complainer has allowed their cat out to get pregnant and when the litters are born THEY PLACE THE KITTENS IN THE ALLEY. WAKE UP CHICAGO and Mayor Emanuels office! We need an exposure and awareness campaign now and fines for such residents.


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