40 state troopers to assist Chicago Police Department

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Illinois State Troopers will be helping Chicago police hunt down wanted fugitives in a new partnership agreed to by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Gov. Pat Quinn.

Forty troopers will bolster the police department’s fugitive apprehension unit, focusing on four crime ridden neighborhoods.

Details of the agreement are still being worked out, but Emanuel says after 30 days the program will be evaluated to see if it’s worth continuing. The troopers will continue to be paid out of the state police budget.

CPD currently has 77 officers in the fugitive unit.

The program is not being applauded everywhere.  Philip Jackson of the Black Star Project, a community intervention group, says the money and resources would be better spent boosting education and economic opportunity in the impoverished neighborhoods rather than arrests.

State police already play a regular part in Chicago law enforcement. There are 180 troopers assigned to District Chicago, patrolling city expressways and also working with Chicago police on special assignments like drug and gang units.


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  • Chris

    They need the National Guard to patrol the streets and enforce a curfew in the most dangerous areas. We gotta make tough choices to come back from situations like this.

  • About time

    No credit for the mayor. Why you ask?
    Because the governor offered the city state police help over 1 month ago, countless murders, shootings & violent crimes ago.
    Now its a big PR stunt in my opinion. These state police officers should be conducting traffic, gang and drug enforcement. Wanted and violent fugitives should be the priority of Cook county sheriffs & US Marshall’s services.
    Not enough help & way past due Rahm, hopefully in November after 1 term and out you go.

  • real talk

    It is a shame. The murders may be down, but the shootings is up….chicago has turned into such a ugly city to visit…. people are afraid to walk outside…. its sad…when u pay taxes, and have to live in complete fear….

  • Ismael

    This also means less state troopers to patrol the tollways. It is going to be like Germany drive at any speed You want, nobody is watching.

  • arubatom

    Good points brought up by both “About Time”, and “Ismael” in their posts. Let the Crook County Sheriff’s handle fugitive apprehension, along with the U.S. Marshall’s Service. Better to see the State Troopers bust some of the scumbags’ heads that are gang bangers and drug dealers. Then see how things are working after 1 month…and are the State Troopers coming from other areas of the state, or are they being pulled from the Chicago area? Even with the Chicago roads and tolls being patrolled at “full strength”, it’s a free-for-all at best….they can’t stop everyone.