Man charged with attacking 6 women in Southwest suburbs

A man from Steger is charged with attacking six women in the Southwest suburbs.

A judge set bond for Monroe Akins, 37, at $750,000 dollars Saturday.

The attacks  happened in Park Forest and Richton Park, between March and June.

In each incident, police say Akins approached the women while they were walking alone and touched them sexually.

The victims identified Akins in a lineup.  Police said they also searched Akins' home and recovered clothing identified by victims in the attacks.

Police also Akins is the prime suspect in three other sexual assaults in Park Forest.

He's charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse, and is due back in court on Tuesday.


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  • Animal

    What a POS animal.
    Great news is they caught this garbage and tool him off the street.
    Bad news is my taxes have to pay to keep him in jail.
    I could think of alot of better ways to spend my tax dollars.
    How about we just castrate and cut off these sick fxxks fingers, corporal punishment goes along way.


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