Pfleger urges Archdiocese to take stronger stand against guns

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An outspoken priest against gun violence is urging the Archdiocese of Chicago to take a stronger stand against guns.

Fr. Michael Pfleger, of St. Sabina Church, wants to see “gun-free zone” signs on the actual churches, and not just on the archdiocese’s school buildings and child care facilities.

“The voice of the church, I believe, is extremely important right now. It’s a moral stand that must be taken,” said Pfleger.

But, Francis Cardinal George believes parish pastors should decide whether to put signs on the actual churches. Pfleger says the Cardinal told him not every priest supports the signs on churches.

A group called “The Priest Senate” may call for a vote on the matter.

St. Sabina will host a cash-for-guns event on August 16th from 10am-2pm.

It will give out $100 gift cards or Adidas shoe certificates to whoever brings a working gun to the event.


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  • PeterT

    The noted attention junkie hasn’t the courage to request that the Archdiocese take a stronger stand against criminals.

  • Dan Cox

    Father Mike Pfleger should be De-Frocked and silenced from further comments to the media. This Catholic Priest has called for people to be Murdered! What is in the mind of a Catholic Priest when he says…”Somebody should Snuff-Out these Gun-Shop Owners and the politicians that support their ability to continue to stay in business.” This is Hate Speech and calling for innocent people to be Murdered! What if I said somebody should Snuff-Out Father Mike Pfleger and all of his followers? I would be arrested! So what the hell is going on with the leadership of the Catholic Church? Why do they tolerate an Urban Terrorist?

  • mimimi

    I have respect for father pfleger, however, the criminals don’t get their guns from gun shops. They get them off of some one they know or an associate. Although I think his intentions are good, he needs to talk more about illegal guns that come into the city that fall in the wrong hands. Felons can’t obtain a gun from a gun shop, but is that going to stop them from getting a gun? No. So I think the father lacks a little direction on this one. But with as hot headed, bipolar, and hormonal as people and yes-many men are nowadays, I wouldn’t want to go into an establishment that allows guns, because the chances are that it will invite a criminal and not a law abiding citizen.