Ministers, activists to call for resignation of CPD Superintendent Garry McCarthy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A former candidate for Illinois governor is joining a group of West Side ministers and community activists calling for the resignation of Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy.
Tio Hardiman and the ministers have scheduled a press conference today to discuss their concerns with the city's gun violence and gang problems.
Hardiman says McCarthy has failed to reduce the number of murders in the city and lacks the ability to deal with the city's gangs.



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  • Robin merritt

    Alot of good his resignation would do he is not the one in our community killing and terrorizing our streets. Parents and those in our community who uphold these thugs need to take responsibility for their actions and stop negating their personal responsibility report criminal acts and remove these terrorist gangs from our communities and stop asking law enforcement to negotiate and reach out to criminals

  • Common Sense

    While I have no respect for McCarthy or CPD, do not forget the mayor had them pull gang units from some of the worse neighborhoods, promised 1,000 new hires but had the CPD cut jobs instead and than had the CPD cut $50M from their budget…meanwhile the mayor now has a fun of $75M he can spend on whatever he wishes. To those of you who are not happy with the situation, you voted for him so deal with it.

  • PlaneGuy

    Police chiefs who do not respect the rights of the people, and do not honor their oaths are corrupt and endanger public safety! They should be FIRED (or recalled if elected)