Bill Kurtis and the WGN team hand out Tallgrass Beef hot dogs outside the studio

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Prairie Grass Cafe Co-Chef/Owner Sarah Stegner discusses great healthy hotdog recipes all moms would love to feed their kids!



For more information visit

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  • Frederick Weichmann

    I very much enjoyed the very first breakfast hot dog out of 300 that the greats , Mr. Bill Kurtis & Mr. Paul Conrade were passing out this morning at WGN Studios . It there any way you can post that because my family didn’t get to see I , or is there a way I can get a tape of it . Thank You for the great morning and hope you can help me . Fred

  • James Schultz

    My wife and daughter were also on the segment which I missed because I was on the way to work. I was told that Paul referred to them as a couple of ladies from Kenilworth. lol. We actually live in the city in a neighborhood called Edgebrook. While I at it, can you remind street reporters that if you are east of the river or the north channel after the split, you are on the North Side!!. West you are on the Northwest side. For example, the mayor and Lincoln Square are on the North Side. Albany Park and Sauganash are on the Northwest side. When reporters screw this up it insults me and makes me want to drive to WGN (north side) and protest !!!