Husband charts of wife’s excuses for not having sex; She posts it online

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Problems in the bedroom are no longer off limits in the world of viral content and social media.

A woman took to Reddit recently and posted a spreadsheet her husband created that documented the reasons she gave him for not having sex.

A woman posted a spreadsheet to Reddit that was sent by her husband, documenting the reasons.



The excuses listed included, “You’re too drunk,” I”m watching the show (Friends re-run),” and “I’m sweaty and gross..”

The woman said in her post: “Attached is a spreadsheet of all the times he has tried to initiate sex, with a column for my ‘excuses,’ using verbatim quotes of why I didn’t feel like having sex at that very moment.”

The husband reportedly emailed the list to his wife.

In a sad turn, the woman claims she tried contacting him but couldn’t. She wrote on Reddit: “Husband sends a message to my work email … he’s never done this, we always communicate in person or by text … I open it up and it’s a sarcastic diatribe basically saying he won’t miss me for the 10 days I’m gone.”

The comment thread on Reddit’s post was flooded. It was locked after more than 500 comments.

Those who commented on the Reddit post seemed to be evenly divided on whose side they were on.



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  • David

    On one hand, we know she works and works out. That will happen these days, and nothing is mentioned about who does which chore at the house. On the other hand, her not taking a shower until the next day after working out… ewww, and then there is the other hand… which is why a very high percentage of married men seek out prostitutes… not going any farther with that point…

  • SouthSider

    While she’s making her list her husband is looking else where. A non sexual relationship is a very big problem. Fatigue has nothing to do with it. If she so calls loves or is in love with her husband then she should want to have sex with him. A wife’s job is to keep her husband happy just like it’s a husband job to keep his wife happy. As a woman you shouldn’t leave that door open too long b/c some one else will fill that void. Doesn’t matter if it’s fair or not. It’s just the way world works.

    • Marty

      @ Ashley — regardless who made the list. her argument is valid.. whichever way you flip it.. it still makes sense.. sounds like you’re commenting just to comment… (which is exactly what i’m doing) but, at least i admit it. +10pts on using the word “tirade” but, you used completely wrong. lets check out the definition of tirade…. a prolonged outburst of bitter, outspoken denunciation…a long, vehement speech…. hmm.. her 60 words or less comment was totally a tirade huh? or did reading all those words in a row really take it out of you?
      catch ya later, oh dont bother responding,, i wont be back to read it. :)

  • Mommified3

    Anyone realize that he is incredibly horny lol! look at the dates .. I don’t blame the woman I would’ve said no too lol!

    • Jon

      Yeah, well, TWO WEEKS without any sex will do that to you…. I mean, you HAVE taking your own advice and looking at the dates, right??

      2-3 times a week is normal,….but she couldn’t even manage that!

    • City Mom

      He doesn’t seem to have a higher than normal sex drive. His wife only had sex with him 3 times in two months! She seems to watch a lot of t.v. There has to be something else going on in this relationship, it is very difficult to sleep next to your spouse every night and not indulge in some marital happiness. With both spouses working, relations may not be a frequent as wanted, but really! Three times in two months is definitely the wife sending a very clear message to her husband.

    • Howard

      You are wrong. It is NOT the number of times he asks her for something reasonable. It’s the NUMBER OF TIMES they had sex, NOT THE NUMBER OF TIMES SHE REJECTED HIM!!!

  • hard working man2

    What’s wrong with a man that wants to make love with his wife every night. My lady asks me more time then i ask her we both have a great drive. And for the part of a divorce try working things out that’s what messed up in today society people are selfish and to quick to find someone new guess what the new grows old fast and your in the same boat again and again food for thought just my opinion

  • Txwil Wilmson

    It is always a bad idea to put tv shows and other excuses ahead of having sex with your spouse. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the husband or the wife. When a spouse feels neglected, their feelings are projected onto others – – whether intentionally or not. I know that there are some who will say that you shouldn’t stray on your marriage but here is a truism for you that has withstood the test of time: if you won’t, someone else will.

  • Dan S.

    Hey Andrea, Are you sure YOU aren’t the wife he’s talking about???
    Seems like you have an excuse for everything… ?
    Better use it before it dries up . ( If it hasn’t already)

      • Monkey dentist

        Lol you are the one going around bullying others. Don’t start with that men cheat stuff you are being incredibly naive if you don’t see the sarcasm in the list. Clearly the wife has issues and it may be her that’s cheating or looking to cheat soon and her posting the list is just another sign that she’s looking for reasons to cheat. Just be reasonable with the world and think outside your own ego and if you think everyone else is an idiot, it may be you that is the dumb one.

  • Bplease

    Hmmm. This is a wonderful example of a brilliantly intellectual, scientifically minded, professorial male and a cow. By sharing his research with the world, this pioneer proves once again that women are manipulative, irresponsible and uncaring. To the brilliant researcher who made this list, may I suggest the next study to involve keeping track of how many times this lazy ungrateful subject refused to make you a sandwich? Thank you in advance.

  • jay zavari

    I was of the impression that with age, working out more often supplied more oxygen increasing blood flow which in turn increased adrenaline and endorphins which turned up one’s sex drive. Maybe in the evening or at night she may bee physically, mentally drained but by a.m. she should be up and at it first ready to rock n’ roll like a porn star! I think she’s having an affair too.

  • Anna

    I think that it is tough to make time for one another but each side needs to be considerate and as my dear aunt told me after a few years of marriage….sometimes you have to take one for the team! You may not be in the mood, but if you love him and are attracted to him, then you should fulfill this need/want!

  • Jon

    It’s a Wifely Duty for her to have sex with her husband. If the wife withholds sex, it is perfectly acceptable for her husband to look elsewhere to fulfill his needs, that’s not cheating. If she has some sort of medical problem that’s preventing her from fulfilling her duty, it’s her responsibility to discuss that with her husband, and to visit a doctor. If she doesn’t do that, her husband has every right to get it somewhere else, and she has no right to complain.

    • Jon

      That’s the lamest cop-out I’ve heard. Excuses to neglect your Wifely duties. It’s cheating only if he can get it at home and starts looking elsewhere, not if the wife refuses to fulfill his needs. A wife has an OBLIGATION to fulfill those needs. If you can’t fulfill them, you shouldn’t be married, and may god have mercy on your husband…… god knows he will need it with such a useless wife!!

      • Andrea

        Get a divorce if you’re unhappy & feel your partner isn’t fulfilling their “duties.” Cheating & thinking it’s okay to, is a flaw on your character, not your partners. As far as MY “duties”; none of your business, so at least try to be respectful here if you can’t be to the sanctity of marriage.

      • Andrea

        And please try to be as creative with your words, as you are with your views on marriage commitment. Instead of just taking what I said & twisting it or putting in a few words to suit your selfish views.

  • Hasan Mir

    I think that she’s just getting it somewhere else, and when that happens, women will refuse sex with their husbands. This is one of the most common signs of cheating.

    Women aren’t like men, they don’t usually just indiscriminately have sex with random people and move on without a further thought. She’s probably having an affair, and feels like she needs to be ‘faithful’ to whomever she is having an affair with. She travels for work which is not conducive to monogamy either.

    Because the article makes no mention of past sexual activity, we can assume that their sex life was normal prior to the period where the excuses were recorded.

    Anyway, if it isn’t working out, why make your marriage a public matter? Just end it like adults and move on.

  • Hahaha

    Absolutely hilarious – Perfectly stable people here. Marriage problems broken down to a pragmatic, though perhaps silly, mirror. She has made a business of excuse making and he has made a business of logging the excuses. Classic. Sounds like they deserve each other. By the way, Reddit: a site famously investigated for underage photos … THATS where she posts the spreadsheet ?!?! Yep … Perfectly stable people here. Freud would have a field day with those two.

  • Silver fox

    Wow!! Sex is limited by my wife in my marriage too. It’s very painful. I’ll never understand how a women can hold back from her husband unless there are physical (pain) issues. Frequency is a need by many men and women. If either require it the other should supply it. I know a lot of women suffer from the same issues with their husbands. Those that withhold it have no business getting married.

  • Joy

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  • Reddo

    When a woman tells a man she is in love with him and either/or, makes excuses not to make love with him and when she does make love with him treats him mean and hatefull the next day, she definately resents, regrets and lied about being in love. It goes to show you, the one you love and trust, is no better than a 1 night stand you find in a bar. At least the 1 night stand doesn’t lie and say the “I’m in love with you,” lies.