1 hour, 2 crashes: 5 dead in Will County

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A pair of deadly accidents just miles from each other, on the same stretch of I-55 in Will County claimed the lives of five people Monday.

Of the five motorists killed, four, all female, lost their lives in a pileup at Arsenal Rd, involving three cars and two semis.

"It appears the tractor-trailer may have been driving in a construction zone at a speed more than the posted 55 miles per hour," Lt.Randy Ness of the Illinois State Police told reporters.



In the south-bound lanes of the same highway, three miles away at Route 6, another crash around the same time took the life of a 41-year-old man.

He was transported to St Joe's Hospital in Joliet, along with two other accident victims. One was so badly that a medical helicopter was called back to transfer him to Loyola Hospital in Maywood.

The Arsenal Rd crash involved three cars and two semis in an area where traffic's known to snarl and that's also seen serious accidents befor

Five accident victims are still hospitalized.

Northbound lanes of I-55 have reopened.

The investigation into the crash continues.

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  • Bob Landi

    Who put that idiot truck driver on the 9:00pm TV Broadcast blaming autos for 90% of accidents? Especially when 4 people have died today from truck driver negligence. Truck drivers drive to dam fast now days and they continue to kill regular people and are driving far too many hours and way to fast. They have become the aggressors on the road, I see it everyday on my 56 mile commute, Bob Landi.

    • e.j

      This construction has been going k. Too long stupid construction unions need to get working and finish these projects causing the irregular traffic patterns. And those who blame specific vehicles are idiots it has everything to do with people needing to be some where at a specific time trucks “semis” and cars alike. I blame specific construction contracts and lack of work. Have some respect for the people who have beeb effected In these tragedies.

    • Ismael

      I have posted many comments about how aggressive truck drivers are but nobody listens. WGN ran a study done on truck drivers last week but it was the Indiana state troopers who were doing the work. In Illinois as long as Quinn gets his huge donation(bribe) from the truck lobby He won’t do a thing. I drive over 300 miles a week in the toll ways and You hardly ever see a state trooper. You never see one stopping a truck. Just get behind a truck and You will be driving at 70 mph .

      • Ralph

        I have to agree. I drive a truck Hazard class and they scare the hell out of me. 35 years doing this two months to retire, no accidents. Major problem is how their pay is structured, paid by the mile so they want to crank out those miles as fast as they can. Today many don’t speak English, and as I stated in my post many have their families living in those trucks. It is only going to get worse as the older drivers retire, you want to blame someone blame the companies who hire these people, blame the state that qualifies them. Two thousand trucks a day coming out of Joliet rail most can’t speak English just enough to get their C.D.L, Mexican, south of the Border from all over, eastern Europeans, running hard to make a buck with low pay no benefits. Grain trucks not needing to be qualified by law do as they please.This area has seen so many death over the past few years as well as ever place .

    • deddd000

      Yep i drive it all the time I55 and the truck drivers are terrible drivers, I also have to say people in cars are just as bad, you get that driver late for work and there flying like animals in and out of traffic ,driving on your ass or just plain texting all the way to work. Illinois taxes us to death and has like one state police car every 10 miles. We need un marked cars and a lot of them to catch these shit heads .

    • Stephan

      The MAJORITY of People in Cars DO NOT USE COMMON SENSE in situation like this. If you are at a stop as these ares were,why not leave yourself 2 car lengths instead of the typical”I have to be right up your butt–stop”…Yes, perhaps this Truck Driver did not use the Rules of Safety because as it was mentioned he is an Owner Operator and these guys Drive with a different set of rules than trucks like Fed-Ex or UPS which have this mechanism installed. REMOVING the GOVERNORS that are used to keep the trucks from running over higher speeds(depends on how they’re set up) are the reason why many of these semis GO SO FAST. Most don’t and cannot because they are designed to go slower. I have driven on the Road and watch more Cars than SEMIS——–Y—E—-S …………..there are more stupid people in cars than semi drivers who are mostly at fault. I see too many cars than Semis do very stupid maneuvers like driving on the shoulder to get around big rigs and racing around them just to get ahead of them –suddenly having to make PANIC STOP. I bet most people in cars have no idea how long it takes for a semi to come at a complete stop? The guy on the news report ,spoke with conviction and is totally right.
      However, the people here who lost their lives are total victims of a carless act. While people are stopped in UNUSUAL locations like a constuction zone,you have to leave YOURSELF an OUT for whatever may arise..Do a test and watch how EVER CAR(just about all) ,will stop behind another car aprox—1 or 2 feet behind the other..This is a recipe for disaster! DO YOU KNOW HOW FAR YOU ARE TO STOP BEHIND A CAR?—test yourself!—Im sure you will fail ..No driver I know ever reads signs either..!

  • Ralph

    I have to agree being a tanker driver for 55 years, there are two types of truck drivers out there now, Old drivers and idiots. But what most of you don’t know, today it is about cheap labor many drivers , very many can’t even speak English, and a very many has their families living in those trucks, this is what the industry had turned into. When you drive stay away from trucks don’t fool with them, you can not win and you don’t know what is driving that 80 thousand pound bullet..

  • marsha

    These dam semis GOWAY TOOO FAST aot of the times the think theyown the road.. What about the rubber they leave on the roads, right in the middle of thehighway,, this is LITTERING, give them a huge fine,……