Dog attacks, kills 7-month-old baby

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A dog mauled and killed a 7-month-old baby boy Sunday in Dayton, Ohio.

The infant was from out of state and was staying with his grandmother.

County animal records show an American Staffordshire Terrier, which resembles a pit bull, is registered at the home.

The dog was removed by animal control and homicide detectives were investigating, but no charges have been filed.

A police report from June 3rd shows the same dog attacked and bit a beagle walking on a leash past the house.

The beagle’s owner did not want to press charges, but filed the report so the incident would be documented.


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    • Niko

      The victim was the 7 month old and you are right it should be the owner of the dog, but also the parents for being irresponsible and not watching the baby. In my opinion

    • sharon

      The step grandmother was responsible for the safety of the child. He was in her care.The dog belonged to her. She should have kept the dog away fro the baby. There was a report that the dog attacked a beagle before the baby was killed.

  • Niko

    My question is if it was not a pit bull why did they mention that type of dog it is a American Staffordshire Terrier no a pit bull just more people giving pit bulls bad names.

  • mary haskins

    People think anything resembling a pit bull a pit bull. When in fact most of them are mixed breeds or Staffordshires.

  • Danielle Shulman

    What an UNFAIR attack against the pitbull. It “resembles” a pit bulls but ISN’T one. It is that narrow-minded and judgmental thinking that makes people unnecessarily afraid of pit bulls. Dogs aggression are a result of their up bringing. The most docile breeds can be vicious if raised poorly.

  • annomyous

    Seriously blaming the parents or whoever was watching or not watching the baby. Where in the article does it say the baby wasn’t being watched or that the dog was in the same house as the baby? how do you know the grandmother wasn’t walking the baby in the stroller when the dig attacked just as it attacked the other dog . But keep being asses and jumping to conclusions and blaming everyone from a vague article

    • sharon

      The article I read above stated the Baby was in the grandmothers care and the Dog was registered at the home. I guess it is assumed that the home the baby was at was the grandmothers.

    • sharon

      I read another article on the subject. The step grandmother was person who was watching the baby and it was her dog who killed him. It was ruled an accident. Not quite sure if dog was put away and escaped or was allowed to be around baby.

  • Mara fechner

    Sick of people being careless and calling it a accident! Lazy is not excuse. Train and supervise your animals especially ones that can kill in one strike.

  • richard

    its a good thing that beagle owner didnt press charges against the trashy owner. if they had the baby would still be alive we can’t have that.

  • rottiefan

    The term ‘pit bull’ isn’t referring to a breed. There is no pit bull breed. This is a type of dog-short, stocky build, strong, etc. They are also called bully breeds. Certain breeds are considered ‘pit bulls,’ a couple being the American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pit Bull terrier. Most times a dog’s negative actions are due to how it is raised and trained. But with pit bull type dogs, there are so many now, that they are inbred and overbred for a quick $, and the reputation of the actual breeds is being destroyed. Inbred animals are most times not healthy, happy animals. There is also a situation where, like people, a certain dog may just be “bad” whether it is inbred, mentally ill, etc. Dogs are like people–most are good but there are some that are bad, due to various reasons.