Off-duty officer killed in motorcycle crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An off-duty Chicago police officer was killed this afternoon in a motorcycle crash.

Tito Rodriguez as riding his motorcycle in the southbound lanes of the Dan Ryan Expressway when he was struck by another vehicle near the ramp at 69th St.

The crash happened around 2:15 p.m. and caused lane closures in the area.

Officer Rodriguez was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

According to Chicago Police, Rodriguez had been on the force since May 2013.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and colleagues.  We ask everyone to respect the privacy of the officer’s family in this difficult time," CPD said in a statement.

50-year-old Dennis Anderson of Chicago, was trying to make an abrupt lane change to avoid missing the exit at 71st Street.  His maneuver cut off Rodriguez's motorcycle in another lane.

Anderson was ticketed and has been charged with improper lane usage and no valid insurance.

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  • pat collins

    EVERY cop in the city must have accompanied him to coroner or funeral home….I understand the brotherhood and all but he was not killed in line of duty and with all hell breaking loose all over the city, that seems irresponsible.

    • Deanna

      No, it was not every cop in the city and even with all the cops on duty in the city, the shootings and killings would happen. He is a police officer and it doesn’t matter if he was off duty. He deserves respect and his brotherhood made sure he got it. You’ll never understand.

      • Newsreader2

        Pat you are just ignorant! Obviously, you have no idea about brotherhood and respect! I agree with Deanna and Bill 100%!

    • Bill Otten

      Pat: You’re an idiot, if you blame the cops for what is happening in Chicago, & here is why:
      I have said it before, & I will continue to say it: I don’t believe for a second that there are people who DON’T know who the shooters are. Until the people who live in these areas turn them in, this will continue to happen, & no amount of police can stop it. And as for the argument of “gang retaliation”-the people in these areas HAVE,,,,,NO…….CHOICE about what is the right thing to do! The cops can’t do anything UNLESS people come forward! It’s THEIR choice-not the city’s-not the cops-NOT Emanuel’s-THEIR CHOICE! AS long as these people who live in the areas DON’T turn in these shooters-NOTHING……..WILL………CHANGE!

    • Newsreader

      Didn’t see ANYWHERE in the article where it said that EVERY COP in the city accompanied him, and besides, SO WHAT IF THEY DID??????

      If you were never e cop, you have NO CLUE how much of a FAMILY the officers are, so it wold be in your best interests to not make such irresponsible statements…

  • Ted

    @Deanna and @Bill are both on point.
    1) You have to be a part of something close to understand that type of camaraderie and respect.
    2) In almost all shootings someone knows the shooter & doesn’t tell. Years ago when I was on, there were many times when the only time people wanted to cooperate was when something happened to someone they cared about. All of a sudden the shooter shot this person & that person last year. Where was that cooperation then? Police do not have all seeing eyes, nor are they an automatic deterrent. In fact, when I was on and the projects were still around, not only did our presence not prevent crime, they shot at us!! This is a community problem.
    All I’m saying, with all due respect, is please base judgement on something factual, not just an emotional opinion.

  • reader

    Pat – Seriously man?? This guy put his life on the line dealing with worthless garbage everyday. I hope every cop WAS accompaning him. In fact, that’s not a bad idea, let’s pull all the police out of Engelwood and see what happens. Either everyone will die or maybe people might start to take some responsibility and quit blaming the “system”. Win, win, either way.

  • Mark Greensburg

    I’m surprised that the driver wasn’t charged with vehicular manslaughter. I see these idiots everyday waiting til the last minute to exit and nearly hitting other vehicles or causing a serious accident. In this case, he caused a fatal accident. Sure it was unintentional, but whether it was or not, he still killed a man for pulling a moronic driving maneuver, which ultimately caused him to hit the bike. To top it off, he didn’t have insurance. How is this guy not in jail?