WATCH LIVE: SkyCam9 over police search for escaped inmate in Kankakee

Police officer fired over woman’s suicide with officer’s gun

met-police-board 0718 mh

A Chicago police sergeant has been fired from his job after a woman killed herself with the officer’s gun.

Sgt. Steven Lesner admitted, he left the gun unattended while off-duty at Catherine Weiland’s apartment in 2009; while Lesner was in the bathroom, Weiland used the gun to commit suicide.

Lesner was stripped of his police powers and given restricted duties for almost two years after the incident.

Superintendent Garry McCarthy recommended a two-month suspension for Lesner, but the police board overruled him and fired Lesner.

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1 Comment

  • Tikka

    This story will not be repeated much on TV. If it were a law abiding citizen whose gun was used we would hear it repeated dozens of times for 6 months.


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