Sharing the road with semis: What authorities are doing to keep all drivers safe

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

With so many people out on the roads this summer, state police are paying special attention to even the smallest of violations. They’re also keeping a close eye on semi-trucks.

Recently, deadly accidents on the nation's interstates have put the focus on what can be done to keep those accidents from happening again.

One of the other reasons why state police are being so watchful of semis is something simple: the conditions of our roads.  Overweight semis contribute to road deterioration and those potholes we all hate so much.  Despite those problems they are an important part of the national economy and generate more than $600 billion dollars in revenues.

WGN joined five Indiana State Police troopers who were looking for violations that could lead to big problems.


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  • ismael

    The state police is doing nothing. This is just a cover story. The truckers rule the tollways. I know very well I drive 300 miles a week with these animals. It is very rare to find a trucker that abides by the law. If they want your lane all they do is put the blinkers and move You out. Truckers drive on any lane they want at the speed they want and there is nobody there to stop them. I found out a long time ago that police can’t be everywhere and so do the truckers. I know and they know there are hardly any troopers on the highways so it is a free for all when it comes to speeds and lane usage.

  • ken

    What would your suggestion be to fix your so called problem? Mine is pull every truck off the road so they won’t be in your way or anyone else’s that will surly fix those problems for everyone.and after 2 weeks of trucks not inconvenienceing anyone let me know how much better off you are .as your are starving on your long walk to work.

    • ismael

      Ken the solution is very simple. Have the truckers stay on the right two lanes where they belong. The third lane is for passing only but they use it to drive on them. No trucker should be using the third lane on bumper to bumper traffic because who are they going to pass? Just obey the law that’s all. It is very simple.

  • KMB

    The statistics speak for themselves: Almost 4,000 people die in truck-related crashes in the U.S. and approximately 100,000 are injured. Fatigue is a huge factor in a large percentage of these crashes. I drive on the IL tollways every day and rarely see any officers paying “special attention” to what goes on out there.

    • Brian

      How many non truck related crashes and fatalities are there a year? Do you know? Bet you don’t . Even if you did you would never admit it to the public forum because it wouldn’t look good for your one sided argument. Once again people are blaming the tool and not the operator. For every unsafe trucker I’ll show you 50 unsafe passenger car operators. Been trucking for 16 years. I guarantee I know the traffic laws better than 99% of the passenger vehicle operators and I know a whole set of laws you’ve never even heard of. So, while you sit there thinking you’re all high and mighty, remember this: I drive more miles in a month than you do all year and 99% of all truckers are better drivers than you are. Why? Because we can drive cars too, can you drive a semi? Can you say you’ve ever recovered from an 80,000 pound, 18 wheel slide in 7″ of snow and 1/8″ of ice? I can. Most of you can’t manage to get through a week without running into something. 4 million safe miles and counting. How many are you boasting?

  • Carrie

    I always thought that truckers liked to drive at night to avoid traffic. Seems like that has gone out the window. More and more semis on the road. And, as Ismael said, they are the bullies of the highway!

  • Carrie

    Ken, you must be a trucker (or married to one). Truckers think the roads exist for them only. They have no respect for anyone else who is driving. And, you know that.

  • Brian

    This should help you understand.
    “Ten percent of motor vehicle crash deaths in 2012 occurred in large truck crashes.”
    “Eleven percent of all passenger vehicle occupant deaths and 23 percent of passenger vehicle occupant deaths in multiple-vehicle crashes in 2012 occurred in crashes with large trucks.”
    ” Thirty percent of passenger vehicle occupants killed in two-vehicle crashes with a large truck in 2012 were in head-on crashes with the truck. Eighteen percent involved the front of the passenger vehicle striking the rear of the large truck.”
    ” In contrast with passenger vehicle drivers, large truck drivers killed in fatal crashes rarely have high blood alcohol concentrations (BACs). Truck drivers are subject to strict government regulations concerning drinking and driving. Three percent of fatally injured large truck drivers in 2012 had BACs at or above 0.08 percent”

    Who’s unsafe now? You don’t see a majority of deaths caused by trucks, do you?

  • ken

    I do drive as a matter of fact and as for truck drivers being “bullies” that has got to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!! How many times have you sped up to get past a truck that had his blinker on ? As for being in the 3rd lane that is illegal anyway .get your facts straight tell me how many accidents that do not involve trucks? Bet you don’t know that either . But I will admit there are some very unprofessional truck drivers that give the good ones a bad rap ! Like I said before they should all be parked so no one is inconvenienced !

  • James

    I also drive a truck, and i can tell you that most four-wheelers don’t have an idea how long it takes to stop a truck when a four-wheeler want to get off the highway, or when think that we we can stop on the dime with 42,000 lbs of freight on a trailer. People who have no clue need to ride with us a day to see how their four-wheeler palls drive.

  • Brian

    I’m clueless yet i smacked you in the face with the cold, dead fish called facts and the best you have is “and you’re clueless” bring me proof, talk to me like you have something to talk about. I’m not a psychiatrist , I’m not interested in your feelings.

    • KMB

      The cold hard facts are this: Almost 4,000 people are killed each year in the U.S. & 100,000 injured in truck related accidents and 75% percent of those crashes are due to truck driver fatigue.

  • ken

    Oh and furthermore the university of Mi (and feel free to look it up)did a study and 74% of accidents that involved trucks were caused by people in cars . How come the media didn’t say that in this wonderful truck bashing story .but let me guess Carrie UofM are clueless too huh!!!!

  • Brian

    The colder, harder fact is that there were 30,000 other people were killed in crashes that had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with trucks. We are already one of the most regulated industries in the world, yet we have to share the road with you ignorant, uneducated, common sense devoid, hot rods and babysit you and make sure you don’t hurt yourself when you’re around us. You want to scream and hollar about driver fatalities and how to prevent them, go look up how many speed related deaths there are by each class of vehicle there is every yeat and what percentage of all crashes were related to speed. Then take a good hard look around. 90% of trucks are limited to 65 mph or less, what’s your car limited to? Death?