Members of Chicago’s Ukrainian community mourning loss of Flight 17

In Chicago, the deeply rooted Ukrainian community is mourning those lives lost aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and prays for the future of its troubled nation.

Some residents gathered at a church service Thursday evening near Chicago Ave and Oakley in Ukrainian Village.

The churchgoers at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Greek Catholic Cathedral prayed for peace in the conflict the world is now watching very closely.

The conflict that has been brewing for months between Russia and Ukraine has left this group of Chicagoans almost without words as the global alliances or enemies now created by the deadly plane crash shift, change, or in some cases, finally take shape.




    Throughout each level the player will collect gold
    which they can use to purchase items and upgrades in towns.
    Some 15 minutes of shovelling later, the path was cleared, the plane
    refueled and went airborne. Can you not see that the whole thing
    is brought about through the craft of the devil.

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