Style Files: Raychel Wade’s summer skin care tips

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Raychel Wade

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Raychel's Tips:

Summer Shades.
You should always wear sunglasses to avoid squinting, but the type of sunglasses you wear could be giving you more wrinkles. Metal frames reflect sunlight and can burn the tops of your cheeks, so find glasses with plastic frames. Mirrored lenses also block more UV rays than tinted lenses, which is important to consider because the skin around your eyes ages more quickly because it’s so thin.

Face It.
Unfortunately, summer's elements can take a toll on our face, where wrinkles tend to be more noticeable. You'll notice that men rarely wrinkle on their upper lip and this is because they shave regularly, which exfoliates the skin. Use a facial exfoliator on a regular basis to renew your skin.

Splish Splash.
Not only does water’s reflection intensify UV rays increasing risk for sun damage, but the chlorine in swimming pools strips the skin of its natural oils causing it to dry out and crack, which can lead to wrinkles. Make sure to use a moisturizing body wash to replenish your skin.

On the Run.
Running and exercising outdoors may be doing more harm than good. The prolonged exposure to sun and pollution can cause the skin all over your body to wrinkle, not just your face. Try working out indoors or make sure to use SPF and a daily moisturizing body lotion to keep your skin in good shape.

Behind the Wheel.
You might notice that people have more freckles or darker skin on their left side. This is because UV rays still penetrate car windows causing sun damage. With so many road trips during the summer season, it’s important that you always wear SPF, whether you are outdoors or driving.

Beauty Sleep.
With the sunny says and nice weather, we might sleep less so we can take advantage of the short summer. But those busy schedules and hot days can keep us from getting enough sleep. While it's important to make sure we get eight hours of sleep each night, be careful how you sleep. Sleeping on your side can cause sleep lines that turn into wrinkles.

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