Lewis preparing path for mayoral candidacy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis is taking the first step toward running for mayor.

A new poll for the Sun-Times concluded that Lewis would defeat Mayor Rahm Emanuel by 9 percentage points if the election were today.

Lewis now says she has already set up an unofficial exploratory committee; and she wants a representative in every Chicago neighborhood.

The calculus of a Lewis candidacy could change dramatically if Cook County Board president Toni Preckwinkle runs for mayor; the same poll gives Preckwinkle 24% lead over Emanuel.

Emanuel's campaign called the poll "laughable."

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  • Chris

    For the love of God, do not let this woman become Mayor. You’ll see kindergarten teachers making $200,000/year while everyone else enjoys the increased taxes to pay for their ridiculous salaries and pensions. The CTU is a joke and the fact that people even think teachers should be making that kind of money or getting the high-life pensions they think they are entitled to is insane.

    • Ralph Spyer

      People don’t vote for someone we vote against someone. The citizens of Chicago are sick of Rahm stumbling and bumbling .He using six hundred million in TIF tax funds for his personal slush fund, closes 51 neighborhood schools, modular class rooms costing more per square that a condo in Trump Towers, pot holes larger than Rahm, Police reports murder rate that the FBI call a lie, the first teacher strike in over 25 years. a PR TV movie of BS

  • SouthSider

    Being the president of CTU hardly makes me want to vote for her as mayor. There are too many other aspects of city government besides school issue. With that said, this is has been the problem in Chicago mayoral races for decades. There are no viable candidates to run against our current mayor. That’s how Daley stayed Mayor so long because there was nobody credible to run against him.

  • Karen Lewis Who? Uh No

    This 1st of all is doubtful
    Rham has way to much $ to put torwards his re election.
    2nd off Karen Lewis from her last 2 years in the news is as bad as a bull in a china shop for this position of mayor of Chicago.
    I would move my family and tell any one who will listen to move right out of Chicago if her or Rahm is mayor next election. Probably go to Will or DuPage Counties, about the same in home values and taxes give or take plus better schools and community services.

    Change is good but not her.
    How about Tom Dart for Mayor?
    Better than anyone else so far I have seen worthy.

  • smitty

    Once disastrous candidate after another, no wonder Chicago is in such bad shape.
    Can’t Chicago have at least one righteous candidate?

  • JB

    What a disaster it would be if she ran and won. Detroit will look real good ! She looks like the match maker from Mulan.

  • Tikka

    Karen Lewis mayor of Chicago?? Hmm, then everbody with a job living in the city will be required to join a union, donating lots of money to future campaigns for her and her allys, everyone in jail can be a union member, if you’re homeless on the street, that’s right, union member!! And when there is a shortage of money, the city can just tax it out of businesses or anyone with money and all the problems will be solved!!! Time to move out.