Craigslist for the Super Rich


A typical Craigslist search turns up an old college futon instead of the leather couch shown in the picture and a tiny overpriced sublet; but on Bloomberg there is a secret gem that lies hidden in a service called the Bloomberg Terminal.

   For $24,000 a month Wall Street traders (and their super-rich associates) can access a data base that provides them with financial information. Within the terminal is the über elite list serve aptly dubbed Posh (it’s not named for Victoria Beckham; rather the British slang term used to describe the upper class).

Bloomberg elite craigslist-like service

Bloomberg elite craigslist-like service

  Posh is basically a private classifieds, that features listings for multi-million dollar homes in swanky international locations, exotic cars and haute couture clothing and accessories. There’s even a filter for private airplanes and yachts. Le Sigh.

  Head to Buzzfeed to browse through more depressing examples  of capitalism at it’s finest; click at your own risk, because it’s sure to make you green with envy.

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