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Teen Charged $300,000 for Domino’s Pizza

Teen Charged $300,000 for Pizza Order

Teen Charged $300,000 for Pizza Order

   A late night craving turned into a wallet buster for a high school teen in Newport, England. Nathaniel Bowell says he ordered up a large pizza, a couple of side dishes and some drinks late last month. It’s a tab that would typically cost about $30, but the next time Bowell tried to use his debit card – it was declined. The 19-year-old checked his bank account and was shocked to find his account was overdrawn by hundreds of thousands of dollars.Turns out Bowell was charged 178,000 pounds or roughly 300,000 U.S. Dollars for his pizza order.

   Bowell says he went online and printed out his statement and called the bank back. Following a bank investigation, the high school senior was told the Domino’s staff accidentally included the bank authorization code into the total of his order and amazingly, the transaction was approved. Bowell’s extreme overdraft charges were corrected a couple of days later.

   Domino’s issued a statement saying,“This was immediately flagged by our merchant provider due to the amount and reversal of funds was put in place. Unfortunately the payment was authorised by the customer’s bank. We understand that this has now been completely resolved and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

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