More gun violence follows deadly holiday weekend

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Gun violence is lingering in Chicago after a very violent holiday weekend. Now a local activist says someone tried to shoot him.Community activist Jedidiah Brown says he had just left an anti-violence event Monday night when he was nearly killed in a drive by shooting.That comes as Area Central detectives investigate the latest deadly shooting. A woman was with a group of people, at 69th and Hamilton, when someone on a bicycle fired into the group.

Jaynisha Scheffer, 19 was shot in the back and pronounced dead in the hospital. Police made no arrests for her murder.

That happened not long after the mayor joined community activists at an anti-violence vigil on the city's South Side to condemn all the weekend violence in chicago that again drew a national spotlight.

82 people were shot from Thursday afternoon to early Monday morning. 16 were killed. They include a 14 and a 16-year-old boy.

"It's a fair question, where were the police and what were they doing," said Mayor Rahm Emanuel at a vigil in the city's Roseland neighborhood. "I would also say where are the gun laws.. so you have comprehensive background checks."

Brown says he left the vigil to go visit with reformed gang members on the west side and wound up running for his life.

"I didn't feel any bullets flying past me, but I heard them," said Brown. "I had on a white shirt, so I'm the one that they followed.. and no police. Nowhere."

Brown is running for alderman in Chicago's 5th ward.

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  • Bill Otten

    I have said it before, & I will continue to say it: I don’t believe for a second that there are people who DON’T know who the shooters are. Until the people who live in these areas turn them in, this will continue to happen, & no amount of police can stop it. And as for the argument of “gang retaliation”-the people in these areas HAVE,,,,,NO…….CHOICE about what is the right thing to do! The cops can’t do anything UNLESS people come forward! It’s THEIR choice-not the city’s-not the cops-NOT Emanuel’s-THEIR CHOICE! AS long as these people who live in the areas DON’T turn in these shooters-NOTHING……..WILL………CHANGE!

    • Southsider

      CRASH was unsuccessful. It got the LAPD even more law suits then it already had and guess who pays the difference when the police foul up…John Q. Taxpayer. Do you realize with a CRASH program I could easily say Stymie sells drugs from his house and you would get a battering ram thru your front door at 6am. Also, by the way Stymie, Chicago already has a gang unit and multiple flex teams. As you see it hasn’t been working b/c people like you really believe the only issue is gangs. There are gangs (small factions of what they use to be) but the violence goes deeper than gangs. I guess that’s just a simpler answer for those who don’t live in it. Two 50 something year olds just killed each other a little while ago, I guess they was gang banging to huh?

  • Jim Allen

    I been around Chicago all my life and It seems to me this aldermanic candidate “Rev.” Jedidiah Brown is pulling some type of sick sympathy stunt in order to get his name out amongst the voters in his community and on facebook. I cannot and will not support this kind of stunting. Life aint a game and we the citizens aint your toys.

    • Jedidiah Brown

      I’d prefer another route than a near death experience and to send my family and friends through hell for an alderman seat. I respond because you just talked to me about how admirable the work I do is, now this. Your support is certainly not welcomed. Watch God validate and thanks for showing who you really are before I put confidence in you. I almost lost my life and you think I thought about an election…ha! Grow up

      • Jim Allen

        Your credibility is at stake. I suggest you come clean immediately. Did u file a police report? What evidence is there you was shot?

  • Malcolm Chester

    Sometimes arguing just is not going to cut it and compromising is just is not a option. Sometimes issues get big enough that we have to resort to harsher measures.

  • van cross

    I’m taking my family out of the city. I know violence is everywhere but Chicago is ridiculous and it’s not getting better. PEACE.