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Len and JD talk Cubs opener in Pittsburg

Some links that piqued Len’s interest over the last past couple days on

1) Crazy neighborhood/non-neighborhood play in New York Monday night explained:
2) Bad news for one of baseball’s good guys:
3) A new, injury-saving tool for pitchers? Dirk Hayhurst writes about it:
4) Samardzija/Hammel trade analysis by Jonah Keri:
5) Joel Sherman’s second half preview:

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  • Marilyn Knox

    Saw Arimedy Alcantara play in Omaha last night. Amazed to see him on field in Chicago. I am a great fan of Darwin Barney. Hate to see his position threatened. Cub fan for life. Marilyn Knox Omaha

  • omaha commute

    Roderick Peattie (New York: The Vanguard Press, 1952), 222.
    They left the building and gone after the front
    lawn, where most in the convention had congregated. His kids were what is important in his life.