A look inside ‘VIP’s Pet Hotel’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Ana is around town at VIP's Pet Hotel, where pets can be pampered just as much as humans

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  • Rachael Jerch

    Please DO NOT use this facility. I arranged for my pet to be picked up and kenneled at this facility while I was out of town. I called the day prior to leaving and confirmed pick-up and drop-off with the owner of the facility. I was assured that my pet was in good hands and would be taken care of. Long story short my dog was never picked up. The owner of the business claimed that my dog was picked up and dropped off as a daycare visit the first day “as a mistake”. After being alerted by his staff (on day two) that I called looking for a dog that they could not find he came to the building, picked up my dog, took it to his facility, and was in the process of sending me a video of my dog to assure me that “everything was OK” when he finally answered my call. (While this was happening I was calling both the staff and the owner and no one answered my call.) I considered that this might have been the case and I asked if he could, with certainty, confirm that my dog had been taken care of during the first day and he could not. I asked again if he could confirm that my dog was at his facility the day prior and he said that he could not. I arranged for other accommodations immediately. My pet was brought back to my apartment and I have not heard from the facility since then. I believe that my dog was never picked up. Upon returning home I have discovered that his bed had been peed on multiple times and I believe he was either bathed or deodorizer was sprayed on him prior to being brought back home (as a cover-up) as he smells like powder. I am lucky that my situation ended with a live dog. Had I not called, or had the employee at the kennel just said “Oh yes, he’s fine” my dog could have died in his kennel at home due to their recklessness. I believe he lied to me telling me that my dog was at the daycare for day one, that he lied to me trying to cover it up and stating “We’ve never had ‘something like this’ happen before”, and offering a pet suite, grooming, and free boarding to make up for the mistake. I reserved the dates two or three weeks prior, paid a deposit, and confirmed the day prior to my departure that he was on their schedule. There are other reasons that I believe my dog was at home that I am not going to dive into in an online review. If this happened, and I discovered it, I worry about what other things are happening that pet owners don’t know about at this facility. Please, do not use this facility.