Man hit and killed trying to cross I-290

A man was hit and killed as he crossed into traffic on I-290 near Halsted.

The man was seen leaving the CTA platform and walked into the eastbound lanes on 290.

A driver saw a person and attempted to swerve but hit the man in the process.

The man's identity has not been released but we do know he was 54-years-old.

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  • When will people learn

    So you have a 50 + year old person trying to run (not drive) across 290.
    Well…….. Guessing either somebodywas chasing him for what we don’t know? he may have been a little tipsy? Maybe just maybe he had absolutely no common sense about trying to cross a expressway where you get to go as fast as you can. Either way I hope he checked out quick, terrible way to go out.

  • Elbert Dempsey

    Some people get wiser with age and some get stupider with age. It took him 54 years to get up enough stupid to walk across a high speed expressway. Or not really across, maybe half-way across.

    • jasmaine

      Maybe ppl really need to think before they would say anything. U don’t even know the man but u sitting here calling him stupid. Not one time did u think that the man have a family thats hurting cause of things like this then u sit and u say harsh words like that. U don’t never judge a book by its cover. U never know that could’ve been u or one of ur family member. So what he was 54 it does not matter he could’ve had problems or anything and u have the nerves to sit and say he stupid. So if that was someone in ur family would u sit and let someone call him/she stupid. Ppl nowadays and they talk bout a dead man hell wake up it couldve been ur stupid self

  • jasmaine

    Did one time any of u would think that he did have family that care and here it is u want to call the man stupid. Bit hello news flash I bet and garentee that someone may have a family in the same state. Yes it’s a bad way to go but please stop downing people and they love ones. We know the man have family out here some where and im sorry for the lost