US teen beaten in Jerusalem

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Florida teenager’s visit to Israel ended with a beating that was caught on video.

Tariq Khdeir, 15, got caught in the middle of clashes between Israelis and Palestinians on Friday. The video shows Israeli security forces holding down and beating the teen.

Khdeir is a U.S. citizen and was visiting his Palestinian relatives in Jerusalem when the beating occurred. Relatives say the Tampa resident was attending a demonstration after the death of his cousin and remains hospitalized in Israeli custody.

CNN reports that a state department spokesperson called for an investigation.

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  • Facts Sheet

    Not every hero in a story is an innocent!
    The young USA citizen is a product of the worldwide Muslims jihadist teaching.
    Today attends brutal demonstration, tomorrow joins ISIL or similar, later to return home and commit terror actions against his beneficial host country.
    The west media, protecting human rights, is used and provides blind protection to the Jihad ideology.

  • Guess What ?

    Guess what?
    Anybody cannot just walk in to Israel (Mid East) and go ahead and act the fool like they would on the streets of Miami, LA, Chicago, ect.
    He got what he deserved.
    Lucky for him he didn ‘t die.
    This is a prime example of the lack of control, education and basic prinicipals that we now teach our children in the U.S. & the world. All the WW2 veterans are going home soon and there is nobody to remind us of the hell of a world war.
    We will see just how far that the state departments complaint goes in Israel, bet you it goes as far as another red line in the sand. Oh and since we are on this subject, what about the U.S. jewish teenager citiczen the Israelis found tortured to death last week after being kidnapped?

  • Where is the Marine's Justice And Freedom?

    What about the U.S. MARINE still in a Mexico jail that has been there for months and who also has been beaten?