Illinois Supreme Court: Disgraced former CPD Cmdr. Jon Burge can keep pension

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

In a split vote, the Illinois Supreme Court upheld a Cook County judge's ruling that allows disgraced former Chicago police commander Jon Burge to keep receiving his pension.

In 2010, Burge was convicted of lying about police torture tactics that secured forced confessions from innocent men.

A city pension board said he is still entitled to his pension. Attorney general Lisa Madigan says he is not.

Burge, 66, is serving a 4½-year sentence in a federal prison for his 2010 conviction. He is scheduled to be released to a halfway house in the fall and to be freed on parole next February.

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  • James

    This sorry racist city that is ran by families that have a history of injustice and even ties to slavery so I’m not shock that another racist pig is receiving a pension paid by tax payers his defense was also paid by tax payers. The Daley’s, WIRTZ’s, Madiagan’s, ZELL’s ,REINSDORF’s PRITZKER’s Griffin’s and the token black Obama’s can go to hell. God has already curse this country for the injustice done to the dark race of people.The masses of the people are dumb deaf and blind but there will always be a small group of people that know the truth.

  • james...

    terrible….4 what he did to all them people that did nothing….his Pension should go 2 them….the people he hurt….but black people will not care….they have there heads soooooo far up Obama’s ass……when they impeached Nixon i did not care even thought he was white…..he was a crook……Obama is the same thing….a crook….he is not white or black….he is muslim ….so he does not care about me or you…..

    • Patrick

      You watch to much mainstream media no one cares about obama. This president got elitist backing him he will never be impeached.

  • Rob

    He rose through the ranks by using torture, his pension should reflect that.

    The fact that the State’s attorney didn’t prosecute, and indeed waited until the statute of limitations expired is shameful.

  • john

    He paid for whatever pension he gets… nine and a half percent taken from every pay check. He now is paying for the crime he was convicted of committing, just like OJ Simpson