1 million celebrate at Chicago’s Pride Parade

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Over a million people celebrated in Sunday’s 45th annual Gay Pride Parade on Chicago’s North Side.

This is the first year same-sex marriages are now legal in Illinois.

Gov Quinn, Mayor Emanuel, Sen Durbin and other policticians were on hand marching in the parade and showing support of same sex marriage.

Republican candidate for governor Bruce Rauner was not in attendance. He recently has been in the hot seat for allegedly saying he would have vetoed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage.

Rauner says he was quoted out of context and Gov Quinn has blown the issue out of proportion.

This year’s parade came with some new rules.

Chicago police sent out a letter urging residents living along the route not to gather on rooftops.

Police also paid close attention to the number of people on balconies and watched for anyone throwing objects of any kind into the street.

The big restriction at today’s celebration: No public consumption of alcohol with increased fines running between $500 and a thousand dollars.

The parade wasn’t without its minor inconveniences.

Red and Brown Line CTA trains were bypassing the Belmont station this afternoon.

A CTA spokesman said police requested that trains skip the station around 1 p.m.

A tweet from the transit agency said it was done for safety reasons due to police activity near the parade route.

Trains resumed regular stops at around 1 p.m.

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  • Mario

    There were not 1 million people there, maybe about 300,000. They exaggerate the numbers each year. I’m gay so this comment is not political, it’s just a fact.

    • Susan K Hudgins

      Doesn’t matter – either way… I support the gay & lesbian community, I’m straight & married though, where is the parade for me and my husband to walk down the city streets of Houston Texas half naked & French kissing each other??? I would love to celebrate that! (but I cant, cause we would both be arrested)

      • Mike Payne

        You could go to the Pride Parade Susan, N O B O D Y would complain about a Man and a Woman (Straights) on a float kissing, YOU’D GET THE SAME CHEERS.

    • Susan K Hudgins

      I’m straight and married, although I support the gay & lesbian community, Im not a huge supporter of the pride parades. I feel a lot of the behavior diminishes the rights of what this community is fighting for: benefits and the right to adopt children. I think the behavior gets too sexually explicit for the general public. I know full well that my husband and I can not parade down the streets of Houston TX, or anywhere else half dressed, acting in a sexual manner of any kind without being arrested.

    • Susan K Hudgins

      Maybe he feels that is the truth, or his truth, don’t be so big on putting him down about it! Let the News crews and local media give the final tally on this. They eat this up like candy! Cant wait to report on it.

  • Vernon Cole

    I’m totally against this so called Pride Parade. God does say that pride is a sin, and on the other hand, if I’m correct this or maybe the next generations are the last to live, my question is where ate the next generations gonna come from if these states are approving gay marriage?

    • Mike Payne

      Because not everybody is Gay Vernon, so there will still be lots of Straights to procreate. Which God do you mean Vernon — Jesus, Allah, Gonesh, Kali, Quezacotl, Vol, the Dreamtime Giants, etc., etc…….