New Niles Gun Shop on Hold

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The plans for building a new gun shop and firing range, in northwest suburban Niles, are on hold.
If the village board gives its approval, the gun shop would be built close to several schools, which has led to some opposition.
The Village President of Niles says most of the people who have contacted him are against building the gun shop, but he says the board still has to consider it.
He also says he personally doesn’t like guns but he has to consider the Second Amendment.
Niles currently has an ordinance banning the sale of handguns in its business district, but the courts could overrule it.

“The issue isn’t so much that the facility would be unsafe. There’s just a common sense piece to this. Why would you want to increase the potential of having guns this close in proximity, less than 1,000 feet, to a school,” said NewHope Academy Director Brandy Larrance.

“Legally, we have to look at gun sales as a legal thing to do. On the other hand, people are passionate about the killings in schools.. and the two are associated in a lot of people’s minds,” said Niles Village President Andrew Przybylo.

Village Board members were going to vote on the gun shop’s permit Tuesday night, but they sent the measure back to the zoning board for further discussion.
The zoning board will hold a hearing on July 7.

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  • Bob Tuttle

    For the life of me, I cannot understand just exactly what the proximity of a school has to do with these peoples’ thinking.
    Do they think a sane gun owner will suddenly become homicidal in the presence of a school?
    Do they think a range user will go nuts as he sees kids at play?
    Lets be honest…………its just an emotional ploy. Its “for the children”

  • PeterT

    People feel good about symbolism. It is easier to fight a legal business than to fight criminals. If any of the folks opposed to legal gun ownership can figure out a means by which to eradicate guns from Earth…I would like to hear about it.