Dog killed; elderly woman injured in pit bull attack

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

In West Chicago, a senior citizen was injured and her dog was killed in a vicious attack by a couple of pit bulls.

Toto was 83-year-old Bonnie Price constant companion for eight years.

She was walking Toto yesterday at the foot of her driveway, when she says a pair of pit bulls ran up the road, dragging their leashes and attacked.

Bonnie said she was bit on the hand. She has four stitches.

She says the dogs dragged her to the ground as she struggled to hang on to her tiny dog.

“I can see those dogs running at me. They came so fast and they tried to get Toto,” she said. “I wanted to save him.”

Bonnie’s neighbors came to her aide.

One man grabbed a shovel and hit the dogs over the head and the dogs finally let go.

The dogs that killed Toto have reportedly done it before.

Neighbor Laura Ekstrom says her dog was killed just before Christmas.

The pit bulls’ owner wasn’t home when WGN News stopped by their home tonight.  The owner could still be charged.

Police are reviewing the case. The dogs are quarantined for now.

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  • Mike Payne

    This time I agree with the NRA, Concealed Carry is now Legal in Illinois — Beside self-defense against Robbers, now you need defense against some I D I O T letting their monster run loose; a .45 Caliber Bullet or two will stop Cujo REAL FAST…..

    • KK

      You are the problem… Million of innocent pit bills are put down every year.. People are the problem, not the breed. Know your facts before you open your stupid mouth. Do you know anything? Get a life and get a clue.

      • Debbie Bell

        Good beagles hunt rabbits, without abuse or training.

        Good pits hunt and kill dogs without abuse or training.

        Not all pits mature to be “good” dog killing pits but since good pits do not give warning, nor do they need a reason to hunt and kill dogs, so you won’t know it’s happening until it does.

        The current pit mongers are no different than Vick. “Let dogs suffer and die. Don’t change a thing.” A million too many pits born year after year. Victim dogs killed on public sidewalks and in their own yards. Dog fighting continuing and growing. All this brought to a neighborhood near you thanks to pit BULLY people.

        Pits are victim of these mutations too. Stop making more victims. Mandatory enforced spay/neuter microchipping registry of all pits, pit mixes, all dog aggressive dogs. Let pits mercifully become extinct.

        This could end dog fighting. Many who own dogs for nepharious purposes wouldn’t own dogs if s/n was enforced.

        Everyone sane and compassionate wins. All dogs win, including the victim dogs and the pits themselves.

      • Debbie Bell

        Most pits are not pets but are weapons, anti theft devices, for breeding, for fighting and owned for the vicarious power virility and aggression they provide their owners. These dogs will never be spayed or neutered unless it’s made mandatory. So Pits will continue to breed like flies and then die like flies. Who is responsible for this carnage? Certainly it’s not those of us who
        want pits to mercifully extinct.

      • julie

        I would seriously NOT consider these “innocent Pit Bulls”..would you? I dont think so…put them down IMMEDIATELY….

      • Jim Plath

        We hear this all the time: People are the problem, not the breed. But when there’s an attack in the news, guess what? It’s always a pit bull.

  • arubatom

    Being a dog lover and owner for many years, I can understand this poor woman’s pain. Obviously these pit bulls need to be put down…sounds like there’s a pattern of them being vicious. And yes, the owner’s should be held accountable financially for this at the very least…if they can’t control their dogs, they shouldn’t own dogs!!!

  • Michael Roundtree

    I live on the south side of the city in Chicago. I have called the police more that five times because my neighbor walks her pit bull by letting the dog outside and then closing the front door. She returns to whatever she was doing, inside of her house, before deciding to walk the dog. I have called animal control twice. Nightmare waiting to happen as there are children that play on the block. I have a concealed carry license and I normally carry a glock 21 .45ACP. Had to pull it once when I saw a kid cowering at the front of my gate at home. The kid wanted to walk to school but the pit was in the middle of the street staring at him. I opened my door and told the kid to come inside of my gate for safety if the dog charged. I told the kid that there was nothing else that I could do as I was not dressed. The kid asked, “Then can you get dressed”. I told the kid to hold on. I dressed and holstered my weapon and pulled my shirt over the gun. I went outside and walked the kid pass the animal so that the kid could proceed to school. The pit just watched. However, as I got closer to my house, the pit took two steps towards me. I unholstered the gun and kept my eye on the dog until I entered and closed the wrought iron gate that surrounds my home. As I wrote earlier, a nightmare waiting to happen. The people on the block will not watch their children and the owner of the pit is totally irresponsible. Additionally, police don’t give a damm about anything. Try and get help from a chicago police officer and see what happens: nothing!!

  • Jim Plath

    If it’s not the breed, then why do we never hear about a dog attack with a different breed? Why is it always a pit bull?

  • Vanessa

    If the story is correct and these pits were draggingtheir leashes behind them, then the owners had them out walking and sounds to me like they could have maliciously sent the dogs on the other one as a bait dog. The owners should be charged and if they can be charged criminally, do it! The dogs should also be removed from that home because this is not the first time it has happened and it if they were dragging the leashes behind them the first time, it is definitley the owners tageting neighborhood dogs as bait dogs.

  • Jay Bleu

    If this is deliberate, than put the owners down! Just kidding, but this punishment would have the same result: The pit bulls should be put to sleep, especially if this is the second incident. It should have only happened once, and then the dogs should have been declared dangerous and not allowed to live in the city. They are not going to be domesticated as they are trained to be killers. Then the stupid owners won’t be able to do this again. And the owners should spend some time in jail. Didn’t they read where a pit bull attached a child who lived in the same household? How dense can some people be?

  • Ryan Copeland

    How many of you have owned a pit bull? Did you know a “pit bull” isn’t a breed? I’m not going to try to change your opinion of Staffordshire Terriers because your bias against a breed that doesn’t actual exist is well set in stone. Did any of you see the article posted on this very same news site about the Am-Staff that saved a boy’s life from a swarm of bees? What about the countless times a bully breed has rescued young children from devestating house fires? It happens nearly every day. I have 2 Staffies and they are both amazing. I rescued them when they were young, trained them, bonded with them and they are now respectful, submissive, great with other dogs and cats, excellent with children and etc. Why don’t we look into the demography of these attacks? They almost always happen in poor areas of large cities. To answer another person’s question, yes other breeds attack other dogs and other people. Why don’t we hear about it? The media feels it is less important to report a labrador attacking a child. I love this breed and it’s a shame that every one of you will take hatred to your grave. You discriminate against an entire breed because of the acts of a few. That makes you a racist.