City Council vote expected on Emanuel gun shop plan

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

City Aldermen are expected to vote today on an ordinance that would allow gun shops in Chicago.  It’s one of many issues under consideration at today’s City Council meeting.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’ gun shop plan includes all sales being videotaped, a 72-hour waiting period on handguns, and a limit of one handgun purchase per person per month.  There is a 24-hour waiting period for rifles and shotguns.

Next up, a plan to see what can be done to avoid another sign like the one on the Trump building along the river.  Aldermen say that could include special zoning regulations and a special sign district for the buildings on the river.

Also on today’s Council agenda — fines for graffiti artists could go up from $750 to $1,500-2,500.

Aldermen and community activists gathered at City Hall this morning before the Council meeting to voice support for a six-month moratorium on the conversion of single-room-occupancy and residential hotels into higher priced apartment buildings.

“The moratorium ordinance was developed to stem further displacement of Chicago city residents — some of the poorest and most vulnerable residents who depend on this type of housing solution,” said Building Dept. Cmsr. Felicia Davis.

Mayor Emanuel is also expected to talk about the new George Lucas museum and its possible impact on Bears fans when it comes to parking and tailgatng.

And this is 14th Ward Alderman Ed Burke’s last Council meeting before he undergoes prostate cancer surgery scheduled for tomorrow.

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  • ismael

    The mayor and the city council are making it impossible for a gun shop to open in Chicago as if that is going to stop gun violence. What a bunch of idiots. The gun shops in the burbs are going to be mighty happy. They will get all of Chicago’s legitimate gun buyers. The politicians in Chicago are real bright.

  • hilly

    when the mayor addressed the fact that thugs are out shooting each other again and the god people want to be armed or at least have bodyguards like he does

    what was his response