Boy creates invention to save babies from being left in hot cars

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


A Nashville boy invented a device to remind parents to take their children out of hot cars.

Andrew Pelham, 11, entered the Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventors, a competition that requires the contestants to use rubber bands in their invention. Pelham created the EZ Baby Saver, which stops parents from leaving the car without their child. The contraption straps from the back seat to the front of the driver’s door. It is made with duct tape and rubber bands, and Pelham offers directions on how to make it on his website.

Pelham was inspired to make a difference after learning that about 38 children die each year from being left in hot cars.

“I’m hoping if I can save one life with my invention, I can say that my invention was successful,” he told Nashville’s News 2.

Pelham won second place in the contest, which earned him $500.

Learn more about Pelham and his invention on his website.

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    • Sassy

      I disagree. I’ve seen it happen. The kid fell asleep, the mother got distracted and forgot the baby was in the car. She spent the whole day thinking her baby was at daycare. By the time the dad went to pick the baby up at daycare and he wasn’t there, it was too late. Her husband usually dropped the baby off in the morning so when her son fell asleep early on into the half hour drive, she completely forgot he was with her and she went about her day. I made the initial 911 call. It was truly heartbreaking to see that poor woman trying to revive her son’s lifeless body, screaming to God that it couldn’t possibly be happening.

      • Vyki

        are you kidding me ?????????????????? I’ve NEVER been so distracted I forgot my child was in the car with me.

      • ThinksYoureAFool

        Ironic that his entire statement was people who will do this shouldn’t be parents, and you disagree. Which means you think people who leave children in hot cars should be parents, psychopath.

      • Panda1

        Any one of my daycare providers would have called me to find out why he wasn’t at daycare that day. This story sounds fishy.

    • Amaryllis

      I’ve never been distracted enough to forget my UMBRELLA was on the back seat. My car rules are everything is taken out of the car when I get to my destination and what I don’t take with me is stowed in the trunk. How messy does your car have to be to forget an entire baby, even if it is sleeping?

    • lisa levine

      it cant hurt and perhaps they can improve his invention and still give this youngster credit; also, an alarm can be made to go off if anyone is left in the car after the motor is off and the alarm is loud enough and will not turn off until the owner manually shuts it off if they still leave the child in the car after that well that’s murder than.

    • Linda Stavast

      Will ALL of you perfect, self-righteous, judgmental people please raise your hand?!?! Now, all of you people who are raising your hands must be GOD! Right? Because GOD is the ONLY perfect parent who has a perfect memory 100% of the time. Also, how many of you judgmental people are actually parents!? If you are NOT a parent, you have NO RIGHT judging other parents! I consider all of your comments null and void because none of you, I suspect, are actually parents. All the parents I’ve ever talked to know that before they were actually parents, they were “perfect parents.” who had ALL the answers. Since they actually became parents, they had quite the humbling curve, as well as a learning curve! Shame on ALL of you for being so harsh and cruel and putting down innocent parents who love their babies and children, but ALL have one thing in common: THEY ARE ALL MORTALS! The fact is: ALL PARENTS ARE MORTALS! The difference between responsible parents and irresponsible parents is that responsible parents acknowledge the fact that they are MORTAL, hence they are prone to making mistakes, so they do what they can to prevent making those mistakes! IRRESPONSIBLE parents think they are perfect, and tell themselves: “I would NEVER make THAT mistake!” hence, they don’t do anything to prevent the chance of ever making that mistake. If you think that you are a perfect driver, then you don’t need to wear seat belts, right? If you are so perfect, then you would never fall asleep while driving, right? How many people die because they don’t realize that they actually CAN make a mistake while driving, or CAN fall asleep at the wheel? SMART, RESPONSIBLE people do everything in their power to prepare for their “mortal moments,” when they know that they might, just maybe, make a mistake. SMART people wear seat belts, SMART people pull over to text, or pull over when they start feeling drowsy, SMART people will learn from others, that one day, maybe, just maybe, they might forget that sleeping precious baby in their back seat of the car, and do something to MAKE themselves remember, JUST IN CASE!!!! Like take their left shoe off, and put it by the baby. That way, they will remember, just in case someday they do get sidetracked for just a moment.

      • Panda1

        You should think before you hit POST for all the world to see. 1. If someone thinks they are a perfect driver, then they DO wear a seat belt… for protection from other drivers. 2.There is a criminal charge called “involuntary manslaughter.” Mere mortals are charged with it all the time when accidents result in death. 3. Why are you trying to condone people who leave their kids in hot cars, anyway?

    • maria

      The boy inventor made a great invention.
      Having kids or a child is hard work. And time to time we get tires, stress out, busy and be forgetful. So every parent with a child needs this just incase we forget we have our child in the back sit.



  • Laura

    I think it is fantastic that an 11 year old boy invented a product out of rubber bands to potentially save a life. It is beyond heartbreaking that the public had seen an increase in this type of death, and I think it is wonderful that this young man thought of a very simple , helpful tool.

    • Harold sharkey

      Good job highlighting what this story was about, not bash people but praise a young boy who wants to make a difference. Thank you for doing so.

  • Brandy

    The problem with this invention is that the driver is required to fasten it to the door upon entering the car. If an adult cannot remember or be responsible enough to check the car to determine if a child was left in the car or not, how can we expect them to remember and be responsible enough to latch the device?

  • Vanessa Berg

    I can see it happening with a parent that is not used to transporting the child. It appears that the incident in Georgia was not an accident. Seems the father who left his child in the car for 7 hours had gone to the car during his lunch break from work. Also had looked up on his computer how long it would take an animal to die in a hot car.

  • Larry Lee Purdy

    For all you self-righteous people who think only a mindless person would forget their child was in the car, you haven’t a clue. Be thankful you haven’t had to live through that experience and at the very least have a heart for those who have.

  • Tara Huff

    Whether you agree with that parents can get distracted or not, it is obvious that there is a problem. Kudos to a young inventor who cares enough to invent something so simple that it may save lives. All of the out pour of ‘they shouldn’t be parents’ attitudes is useless. This simple invention is a first place winner.

    • maria

      I agree with you. What matters here is the thought of the child inventor who made UN effort to invent something so that we can prevent something. This is not about the parents. It’s the idea itself that is amazing for such a young age who cares for the betterment.

  • Phil

    It definitely happens. Especially if you’re in a family with two working parents. Schedules change. For example, mom drops baby off at daycare, dad picks up. But one day mom has to go to work early, so dad has to drop off. But he goes to the metro like normal and forgets the baby in the car at the parking garage. YES, this happens more often than you think.

    • Robin Kesinger

      I am so flabbergasted, I’m sorry but I can’t even comprehend this ,… it just BLOWS MY FLIPPING MIND !! I am a single mother of 3….that’s THREE Beautiful Girls and I by myself raised all 3 ,.. talk about being tired, beat down and sometimes so involved in everyday life, band rehersals, ,meetings, school events,…and so on and maybe once in awhile forgetting a scheduled appt. ,or maybe a doctors app. … BUT PLEASE….””YOUR OWN CHILD “”??!!! I am finding this so NEGLIGENT & TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE it just doesn’t compute !!! I can’t even see an reasonable excuse for such actions that’s probably because “”THERE ISN’T ONE”” !!! “” Asleep”” or “”NOT”” how the FxxK R you gonna “FORGET” that your “CHILD IS IN THE CAR , YOUR THE ONE WHO STRAPPED THE CHILD IN THE CAR SEAT WHEN YOU LEFT THE HOUSE,..HOW CAN YOU FORGET ???? Pregnancy and Child Birth are “TWO” the most rememorable set in stone mind happenings that a human being can encounter in their lives.. TELL ME HOW CAN YOU FORGET YOUR CHILD IS IN THE FRIGGIN CAR ??? NOT TO BE RUDE.. BUT THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE WHO DO THIS, THEY ALL HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON THAT MAKES THIS HAPPEN, .. I CAN’T EVEN COMPREHEND THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR, IT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE TO ME AT ALL !! I HOPE THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO ANYONE EVER AGAIN AND I HOPE SOMEBODY FINDS OUT WHY THIS HAPPENS, IT TRUELY IS A TRAGIC PREVENTABLE SITUATION THAT NEEDS TO BE SERIOUSLY TAKEN CARE OF A.S.A.P !!!!! GOD BLESS ALL WHO IS FACED WITH THIS ..( I want to call it a DIESEASE)

  • Lisa

    I had driven right past the daycare when I heard my sleeping 4 month old yawn in the back seat. I couldn’t believe it. I’m not an idiot, when months of sleepless nights add up it can happen. I was horrified that I could be so careless and It really messed with my mind. From that point on I would check the backseat constantly. I even started walking out to the parking lot during work to look in the backseat even though I was positive that I had dropped my baby off.
    There are a lot of very harsh comments posted, I just wanted to say it could happen to anyone. A young boy has tried to make a difference and I think it’s a wonderful idea. FYI I started putting the diaper bag right next to me in the front seat every time I got into the car, that works well also.

    • Lisa

      I also started keeping one of my son’s colorful, loud rattles in the car at all times. I’d set it in my lap every time I had my baby in the car with me.

  • Diane

    Perhaps a good reminder for women would be to leave your purse in the back seat and men your lunch bag, a work folder, binder or laptop. This might be a reminder to also remember your baby.

    • Kathy

      Diane………..your idea is the best one I’ve read here. I hate the judgmental comments above because these parents already feed bad enough that this happened and they don’t need others continuing to continue to crucify them for a mistake (as if these people here have never made any mistakes in their lives). With that in mind, putting all your things in the back with the baby would be a great way to remember that the baby is there OR by bringing the diaper bag and baby’s stuff in the front with your purse or briefcase as another way to remember. You would reach for the purse/briefcase, see the diaper bag and remember that there is a reason that’s there as you wouldn’t be bringing it in to work with you.

  • Jane

    Wonder what happens if the parent forgets and the rubber band takes out an eye and/or hits the baby ,good idea,just not with elastics!

  • Jane

    I have a better idea baby saver warning for every car utilizing the air bag sensor already in the car.
    Car wont shut off ,keeps blowing horn and flashing headlights until the baby is removed from the seat ,take note !Even if the parent forgets the person in the parking lot will notice!

  • Tj Bellew

    or… you could leave your left shoe or cellphone in the backseat (hey, at least you won’t be texting with your spawn en tow)… but if you really need ‘tricks’ to reminds you of the living being in your backseat, maybe your life priorities are getting a little skewed….

  • Panda1

    As an engineer, I must say that the boy has AWESOME intentions but any manual safety device CAN BE DEFEATED. Any number of circumstances could cause the caregiver NOT to engage the safety device (in a rush, only running to the store, lazy, DISTRACTED, etc.) and leave the driver with a false sense of security if the device was never engaged. And, realistically, the reasons for not engaging the safety device are the same reasons for forgetting the baby in the first place. The only way to make such a device reliable is to integrate it into the car or the child safety seat. However, if a parent cannot afford the technology, we’re back to square one. You can’t fix stupid. People need to be held accountable. Involuntary Manslaughter a.k.a. Criminally Negligent Homicide, is a chargeable crime. “Oops, I forgot” is not a defense. When taking another person’s life into your own hands (by transporting them in your vehicle), drivers need to be aware of their legal responsibilities.

  • Robin Kesinger

    Becoming a Parent a natural thing called “RESPONSIBILITY” kicks in right along with it … “NO” car manufacturer is going want to be Responsible for a human life by having to install device that could fail.. when its the PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY IN THE FIRST DAM PLACE NOT TO LEAVE THEIR CHILD IN THE CAR !!!!! I THINK IT WOULD ONLY MAKE THE STASTICS GO UP !!!

  • Robin Kesinger


  • Brenda Russell

    What about brightly colored bunjee cords. They have a hook on each end and might be easier to attach. Just a thought. The little boy was very smart and caring to attempt to invent his rubber band cords.

    • b2curious

      The young man has a web site, with instructions for making his E-Z Baby Saver, and he does say that a bungee cord can be adapted for the same purpose.

  • Maggie

    I have to agree with a lot of the comments. I would NEVER, nor have I EVER left any of my 4 kids in a car. Regardless of the situation. My youngest is almost 17 years old. I never had any “reminders” to remember to look in the backseat of my car. I am a MOM, a PARENT….bottom line, if you need a reminder, you shouldn’t have kids. Stress levels, ect is no excuse to forget your child.

  • Barb

    Kiddos to the young man that made the invention, at least he was trying to think of a solution. Never-the-less, forgetting a helpless child in a car is unforgivable – there is absolutely no valid excuse and no reminder product should ever be required. It’s a great loss to the World when a child dies before it has a chance to live – all due to the neglect of absent minded parent(s). Maybe it’s time we slow down, put the focus back on what is most precious to us – and that is our children.


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  • Eli

    Koodos to the young man trying to make a difference
    I am not ignorant enough to hate people who have done this
    Now everyone who is reading this take 30 seconds and open your mind and eyes
    Just imagine for one second your not perfect
    And you make the worst most terrible gut wrenching mistake possible
    Your holding your dieing infant daughter in your arms while she is gasping for air and her last thoughts are of one of the only people she completely trusts was not able to save her while she spent 4 hours melting from the inside out crying for you!
    Now that you have looked through someone elses eyes just for a minute think of there lives now filled with binge drinking, drugs, and suicidal thoughts.
    And you self righteous a-holes wanna continue rubbing there noses in shat
    Now on the other hand being a father I do find it
    almost impossible to forget my children anywhere
    My wife and I are always with them so when there not in the car with us I find myself constantly thinking that they are in the car
    Because they are that important and they are big roles in our lives
    However God forbid if I ever have a excuse big enough to cause a mistake of this magnitude
    life wouldn’t be worth it after
    my personal Hell would be a daily routine
    And everyday I would know no matter what great things I do with my life the rest of my family probably left me my other children hate me
    I could cure cancer, but my daughter would still be dead because of me!
    So please stop hating these people because everyone they truly love is gone or hates them already.

  • Jessica Durrence

    Please, there are times when I pull into my driveway get out of the car and walk up to the door only to have to go back to the car to get my keys because I had a momentary lapse in judgment and forgot to turn the car off after I parked. Considering I drive daily and start and stop my car multiple times during that day one would assume that is not something that ‘slips your mind’ but it happened (more than once) and I can see how it could happen with a baby or anything really… Great invention from such a bright young man!

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